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Reducing Summer Water Usage


1. Obtain an estimate of how much water you currently use in your home or business.



2. Check for areas outside your home or business where you could consider using less water.



  • Plant species native to Southern Alberta. Click here​ to learn more about Xeriscaping
  • Plant in spring and fall when the watering requirements are lower
  • L​eave lower branches on trees and shrubs - this will allow leaf litter to accumulate, keeping the soil cooler and reduce evaporation
  • Start a compost pile, this increases the water holding capacity of your soil


  • Water only when necessary- more plants die from over watering than under watering.
  • Signs of overwatering: leaves turn lighter shades of green or yellow, young shoots wilt, and sometimes algae or fungi grow
  • Apply water only as fast as soil can absorb it
  • Avoid watering areas that are hard to water (ie: slopes and isolated areas)
  • Collect water using rain barrels
  • Direct gutters and downspouts to trees and shrubs
  • Check your sprinkler system often, ensuring there are no leaks and the water is not hitting the house, sidewalk, or street
  • Try to avoid watering at windy times of the day, as the water will only be dispersed by the wind or evaporate
  • Check your hoses and outdoor taps for leaks and dripping water
  • Watering in the early morning is best because it is cooler and allows leaves to dry off during the day
  • Your lawn only needs approximately 1 inch of water per week. A Frisbee is a great way to measure the amount of water

Lawn care:

  • Keep your grass a little longer - it keeps in moisture. Adjust your lawn mower to 1.5 to 2 inches in height
  • Leave lawn clippings on your grass. This cools the gr​ound and keeps moisture in
  • Aerate your lawn occasionally. This allows for water to percolate to the roots, and not run off as surface water
  • Use minimum amounts of fertilizers, as they require more water use


  • A xeriscaped garden will help be water efficient
  • Consider taking courses on landscaping or xeriscaping workshops
  • Use porous material for walkways and patios, this will help keep water in your yard
  • Pruning properly can help to use water more efficiently


  • Use a pool cover to keep your pool clean, reduce chemical use and prevent water loss via evaporation
  • Ensure you have recirculating pumps
  • For automatic refilling devices, check periodically for leaks
  • Keep water in the pool when playing
  • Join a community pool

General Outdoor:

  • Use a commercial car wash: the water from car washes is treated by the Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • If you wash your pet outside, pick a spot on the lawn, in an area that needs to be watered
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your sidewalks, driveways, patios, or decks
  • When you give your pet fresh water, use the old water to water your plants or grass


More Information:


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