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Sewer Service Replacement

Why would I require a sewer replacement?

  • Are you experiencing re-occurring sewer problems?

    Visit our Sewer Problem webpage to learn more about what you can do.

    Older homes with a clay tile service could have cracking or roots

  • If you have re-occurring sewer issues, it could mean there is an issue with the pipes

  • Homes built in the 1950's may have a Tar Paper Pipe (NCR) that is known to deteriorate over time


How can I get a sewer line replacement?


1. Call the City of Lethbridge to obtain a video inspection to determine if replacement is necessary. A clean out must be accessible for this to occur.
Please see for more information.

2. Call Contractor(s) for sewer relining/replacement on the property owner's side and obtain quote(s). It is recommended that you obtain at least 2 quotes from different contractors

3. Replacement occurs after verification of repairs to be done. The City will be responsible for the replacement and cost from the property line to the street. The Contractor hired by the homeowner will be responsible for the replacement from the home to the property line, with the cost to the homeowner. By doing these at the same time, it offers cost-saving to the homeowner.

 Note: Property lines vary from location to location.


Different methods are available to help understand the best possible method for the replacement process



  • Trenching: This is the traditional method of excavation in the front yard.
  • Pipe bursting: This method involves pulling a new line through the old one (higher pressure pig); no need for entire front yard to be excavated.
  • Lining: This method involves pulling structural liners from inside home to the main on the street. This involves the least amount of trenching.


Please call 311 if you have further questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to call the City to obtain a quote?

Answer: No, but it is best to obtain a video inspection with the City of Lethbridge and ensure that you need the replacement. The cost of a scheduled video appointment is $30 and the cost of a scheduled video and augering appointment is $60. Obtaining quotes through the Contractor helps to centralize the communications. The City and the homeowner both communicate with the Contractor, and work is coordinated through the Contractor.

Do I contact the City with their side of the quote provided by my contractor?

Answer: No, the Contractor will coordinate with the City of Lethbridge to complete the process.

Does the property owner side and City side always have to be replaced?

Answer: Not necessarily. Sometimes the sewer on the City side has been previously replaced. The City always does a video inspection of their side of the property line to confirm if it needs to be replaced/not.

Will I receive a bill from the City?

Answer: No. The homeowner will only receive a bill from the Contractor who they choose to hire. 

Who can I call if I have further questions or concerns?

Answer: Please call 311 if you have further questions or concerns.

For more information on sewer problems, visit

For more information

Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
Online: Submit a service request