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Southern Alberta Water Charter 2017

​​​​ The Southern Alberta Water Charter runs from May Long Weekend to September Long Weekend 2017​​​​​.

The Oldman Watershed Council is excited about uniting municipalities and organizations in protecting our drinking water with the Southern Alberta Water Charter 2017. ​

The City of Lethbridge has decided to participate in the Southern Alberta Water Charter! See below for our two actions!


What are the City of Lethbridge ACTIONS?


The blueW initiative is an ongoing program that residents can access year-round.

FOR THE COMMUNITY: We want to encourage the Lethbridge community to enter businesses with the blueW to fill refillable water bottles and encourage drinking of Lethbridge tap water.

FOR BUSINESSES: blueW window stickers can be obtained and placed in your office or business window, promoting easy access to Lethbridge tap water at that location.

Email to sign up! The City of Lethbridge will help promote your blueW. Check back here to find out who is registering their blueW's.

For a detailed map of already listed businesses​, visit​.

Here are the most recent additions to this list:

  • Helen Schuler Nature Centre (HSNC)

  • Lethbridge-​West Constituency Office

  • Lethbridge-East Constituency Office

  • Oldman Watershed Council (OWC)

  • Lethbridge Public Library (Main and Crossings)

  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters

  • London Drugs

  • Party City (South)

  • L.A. Cheque Cashers Inc. (South)

  • Theoretically Brewing Company

  • Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce

  • Galt Museum​ & Archives​

  • Downtown Lethbridge BRZ​

  • Southern Alberta​ Art Gallery (SAAG)

  • Prime Fasteners (North)

  • Alpenland

  • Iris (Park Place Mall)

  • Streets Alive Mission​

  • Penny Coffee House

  • Southern Alberta Community Living Association

Hydration Stations     

The hydration stations will be available at events listed below from June until September 2017. We want to get your feedback about the potential use of these stations at events throughout the year. These are different than the blueW’s that are located in business windows. ​​

Come to the following events and take our survey!

Events we will be present at:​​

Nature Play Day (June 10​, 2017)  @ Henderson Lake

Event Summary: Nature Play Day went well, even with the windy day we had! People asked about the Hydration Stations and the options for use at future events. We look forward to seeing you at the next event! Approximately 15 people used the stations at this event.

Dragon Boat Festivals (June 23 to 25, 2017) @ Henderson Lake       

​​Event Summary: The Hydration Stations at the Dragon Boat Festivals were very appreciated and perceived as convenient. Everyone we spoke to was happy the Hydration Stations were at the event! There was one station located by Kinsmen Shelter and another by the Food Concession, near the boat finish line.  Some of the comments were: "Amazing!" "What a great idea!" For the most part, people used them regularly, refilling re-usable water bottles, as well as purchased plastic bottles. If you wish to share more, please email us at 

CANADA DAY (July 1, 2017) @ Henderson Lake                           ​​​

​​Event Summary: Again, the Hydration Stations were very much appreciated at this event! It was warm out and people were happy there was a place to refill water bottles and cups! Some thoughts included: "Great Idea!" "Awesome. Super Smart. Not bulky and easily portable." Lots of feedback was provided!

Street Wheelers (July 9, 2017) @ Galt Gardens                                   

​​Event Summary: Two stations were set up in Galt Gardens for the Sunday Show n' Shine. The attendees enjoyed having them, as it was a very hot day!

Community Culture​ Craze (July 15, 2017) @ Galt Gardens                             ​​​

​Event Summary: ​Two stations were set up in​ Galt Gardens during this event.  Free water bottles were given away, at the Hydrations Stations. Many people who were at the event used the Hydration Stations throughout the day. 

Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival (LEMF) (August 19, 2017) @ Galt Gardens  

​Event Summary: The water stations, like other events were appreciated at this event and it was nice to have easy access to water.

Love n' Records (September 16, 2017) @ Galt Gardens                     

​Event Summary: Similarly to the other events, it was a positive experience and there was an overall acceptance of the stations being at the event. 

​Word on the Street (September​​ 23, 2017) @ Public Library                    

​Event Summary: Although the Hydration Stations were not used a lot during this chilly day, they were acknowledged and many people had positive things to say. 

Learn more about the importance of water in our every day lives!

Check out the video below, created by the Oldman Watershed Council.

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