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Spring Check

​Get your home ready for the spring season by checking out the different ways to ensure your home is flood safe.




Flood Prevention Tips-Information on how to prevent basement flooding including Indoor and outdoor suggestions.

​ Protective Plumbing Incentive Program- The purpose of the program is to offer owners of older homes an incentive to reduce their risk of sewer backup. The program is currently limited to homes built before 2000 and having had
sewer backup. Handbook for Reducing Basement Flooding-


Checking for Leaks-Leaks inside your home can be costly and waste thousands of litres of water each year. A bursting pipe in your home calls for immediate action but what about those slow leaks that go undetected for years?



Keep your stormdrains and gutters clear. Get involved in our

stormdrain programs.

Adopt A Stormdrain

Gutter Buddy

Storm Drain Survival Kits

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