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Storm Drain Survival Kit



Thanks to Lethbridge Grade 9 student Kelsey Armstrong, we have the opportunity to promote the Storm Drain Survival Kit!

Kelsey (15) was awarded $900 for winning 2nd place in the Caring for Our Watersheds competition. This program asks students to submit a proposal that answers the question, "What can you do to improve your watershed?" Students must research their local watershed, identify an environmental concern and come up with a realistic solution. Community judges select the top entries to compete at a final competition.
The Grade 9 student from Lethbridge Collegiate Institute was the only candidate from Lethbridge at the final competition held at Ralph Klein Park in Calgary April 26, 2014 where she competed against the 9 other finalists chosen from 80 applicants from Southern Alberta. Congratulations Kelsey.

 What is a Storm Drain Survival Kit?

The purpose of the Storm Drain Survival Kit : to get people to clean out the storm drains and gutters near their home

  • All the tools that you need will be found in the survival kit
  • Cleaning your storm drains and gutters is one HUGE STEP towards helping keep our Oldman River, neighbourhood ponds, eco-system and drinking water healthy and clean
  • I also want people to be aware of their bad yard habits; overwatering, using too many chemicals on your lawn and washing your vehicle in your driveway all affect the Oldman River in a negative way
  • So if neighbors, friends and family see you cleaning the debris out of your storm drains and gutters and changing your yard behavior they will naturally want to do the same. 

Will you be the first to show them how to do it? Lead by example.

What Does Each Survival Kit Contain?

  • 1 pair of gloves; to be used for collecting debris
  • 2 garbage bags; used to put the debris in and dispose of it
  • Doggy bags; help to keep fecal matter from entering our storm drains, storm ponds and Oldman River
  • Information pamphlet
  • Small shovel to help scoop up the debris (kids will love this)
  • ‘50 Best Plants’ book for Prairie Urban Gardens in Southern Alberta
  • Reusable shopping bag
  • Storm water postcard (things NOT to do in your yard)
  • Adopt A StormDrain information

What Does the Storm Drain Survival Kit Look Like?



Why is the Storm Drain Survival Kit Important?


Cleaning up the debris from your storm drains and gutters in your neighbourhood is one


towards helping our Oldman River and environment stay clean and healthy


Check out the Storm Drain Survival Kit Information Brochure
and see how you can help our Oldman River!
Check out the Gutter Buddy Video to see how to clean out your storm drain



How Do I Get a Storm Drain Survival Kit?

 Kits are FREE and will be available at many events throughout the year. Some of those events include; Adopt A Stormdrain, Invasive Weed Pulls, Yellow Fish Road Program, Prairie Urban Garden Tour, Environment Week Events, Lethbridge Home and Garden, Green List Celebration, Helen Schuler Nature Centre and many more!

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Removing debris from storm drains and gutters

Stand on the sidewalk and use a rake  or shovel to remove debris from the storm drain. Do not attempt to remove the grate. Notify the City of Lethbridge, Public Operations if you cannot clear out the storm drain yourself  403-320-3850

Discard the debris properly! Bag it and dispose of it in your waste collection cart.


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