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Wastewater Treatment

Where does our water come from in Lethbridge? ​How is the water ​treated so you can drink it? How is drinking water tested to ensure its quality?

 Wastewater Treatment Process                 Wastewater History
 Wastewater Treatment Video (3.5 Min)         
 Wastewater Treatment Video (9 Min)

Services and Information

Need help with a service? Require more information?
 Sewer Problems                                         Sewer Bylaw
 Wastewater Rates                                      Projects and Initiatives
 Watermain Flushing

Wastewater Education

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Looking to ensure your home is safe from flooding? Looking for ways to reduce water use in your home and yard?

 Science of Wastewater Treatment            Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)
 Indoor Water Conservation                    
 Don't Rush. Think Before You Flush

Tour Information: For an in depth look at our wastewater process, we invite you to take the Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour. Contact 403 320-3081 to schedule a tour.