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Water Week

​Marc​h 18 - 24​, 2019


Take Action During Water week, and all year long!

  1. Reduce the length of your shower to less than 5 minutes.

      Fact:  85 to 95 Litres are used during the average shower!​​


2. If you take a bath, fill the tub half way full.

      Fact: A full tub can use up to 190 Litres of water!


3.  Drink tap water, or use a refillable​ bottle.

      Fact: From the tap, there will be no additional water use for

      packaging and transportation


4. Reuse towels after a bath or shower, instead of throwing them right into  ​the laundry pile.

      Fact: This will help to run fewer loads of laundry = less water used.


5.  Water outdoor plants and your lawn early in the morning.

      Fact: Water is lost to evaporation during warm hours of the day. Watering before or after this time will help

      retain water.


6. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. 

      Fact: Turning off the taps when not in use helps to reduce water use. Over time, this amount really adds up

      (see video below)


7. Tighten those taps. Check pipes, taps and toilets for leaks.

      Fact: You can save as much as 50 litres of water a day by fixing a

      dripping ​tap.



Did you know?

  • The average person uses 230 litres of water a day.

  • A dripping faucet leaking one drop per second can amount to 25 litres per day or more than 10,000 litres per year. That's enough water to: wash more than 65 loads of clothing, have 140 five minute showers, or wash 40 cars. (Alberta Water for Life​)

  • Studies have shown that our household water use could be reduced by 50 per cent without significantly changing our lifestyle (Alberta Water for Life

  • Of all fresh water not locked up in ice caps or glaciers, some 20% is in areas too remote for humans to access and of the remaining 80% about three-quarters comes at the wrong time and place – in monsoons and floods – and is not always captured for use by people. The remainder is less than 0.08 of 1% of the total water on the planet. (Environment Canada

  • Expressed another way, if all the earth's water were stored in a 5-litre container, available fresh water would not quite fill a teaspoon. (Environment Canada

  • Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. A person can live without food for more
    than a month, but approximately only on week without water (depending on conditions). You must consume 2.37 litres of ​water per day, from all sources (including food, water, etc) to maintain your health.​


Check out our indoor  and outdoor​ water conservation tips too! You can help to save money and water year round!





One Simple Act

Alberta Water Portal​


Oldman Watershed Council​​ (OWC)

Check out the OWC Education videos for water, wastewater and stormwater!


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