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Water Meter Replacement

Water meters are an important part of your home's water supply and increase your control over your water bill. A properly working meter records the amount of water supplied to your home or business ensuring you only pay for the water you use.

Here are the answers to some of the questions the you may have about water meters.


What does a water meter do?

Water meters measure and record the amount of water supplied to a home or business. 


Where is my water meter located?

A water meter is located just above the main water shut-off valve in your home. This is usually in the basement and is located on a pipe that comes out of your basement floor.


I’ve received a notification from the City asking me to schedule an appointment to install or replace the water meter.

How long will the work take?

A typical water meter installation or replacement takes less than 20 minutes (as long as there is clear access to the water meter).


Why have you requested access? My water meter is outside.

The remote reader is located outside. The actual water meter is located typically in the basement where your water line comes into your home or building.


Do I have to be home for the installation or replacement of the water meter?

Yes. An adult at least 18 years of age must be home at all times during the installation.


I work during the day. Can I make an appointment for after business hours or on a weekend?

Yes, you can. To schedule an appointment that can accommodate your schedule please call 403 320 3857.


How much will it cost me to have my meter replaced?

If we have asked to replace your meter, there is no charge. We want your water meter to work correctly so your utility bill is accurate.


How do the new wireless meters transmit a frequency that is read by a meter reader?

The meters broadcast on frequencies between 902 MHz and 928 MHz (the same as an older style cordless phones) at an output power of 0.1 watts for 0.007 seconds every 14 seconds. In other words, each household's water meter will be transmitting a wireless signal for less than 60 seconds per day. The signal is not sent continuously, unlike other devices such as household wireless computer routers and cell phones that transmit constantly.


Do the new water meters need to be connected to the electric grid?

The water meters installed are powered by a 3.6 volt Lithium battery.


Is the shutoff valve below the water meter the City’s responsibility to repair or replace?

The City owns or is responsible for the Water Meter and the brass connection on either side of it. Any other plumbing is the responsibility of the home owner.

(If you need to repair the valve, you can call Lethbridge 311 and arrangements can be made to shut off the water control valve at property line. Once done, just call back and we will turn the water on and standby while you check for leaks!)


More Information

For more information

Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
Online: Submit a service request