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Summer Water Program Incentive


​NEW this ye​​ar! Participate in the Yellow Fish Road Program​  and/or Adopt a StormDrain Program  and be entered to win a prize! For each program you participate in, you will be entered to win the prizes below! This incentive is  for school groups, community groups, and family/friend groups in Lethbridge!​

To specify further, if you participate in the Yellow Fish Road Program, you will get one entry. If you participate in the Adopt a StormDrain Program, you will get another entry!

​​​**These programs are also eligible for the prizes in the CLEAN COMMUNITY CHALLENGE!​​**​

How do I get entered to win?
If you are a School Group:  Your classroom will be entered to win a pizza party. You will also all receive a Stormdrain Survival Kit​ if you Adopt a StormDrain.​
​​Deadline: Monday, June 6th, 2016
If you are a Community Group:  Your group  will be entered to win a​ $250.00 cash prize for your community group
You will also all​ receive a Stormdrain Survival Kit​ if you Adopt a StormDrain.
Deadline: Friday, August 26th, 2016
If you are a F​amily/Friend Group: Your family will be entered to win ONE of TWO prizes:  Discovery Park Pass (good for two years from purchase date) or Swim/Skate 6 Month Pass.
You will also receive a Stormdrain Survival Kit​ if you Adopt a StormDrain.
 ​​Deadline: Friday, August 26th, 2016

What do I need to do in order to participate?

1. Contact Stephanie Vehnon, at or 403-320-4988 to get a Yellow Fish Road​ kit. 
2. Contact to Adopt a StormDrain. You can ask Stephanie when/if you participate in the Yellow Fish Road Program too!
3. Your school group, community group, or family will be entered to win!​​ You will be entered for each program that you participate in!
​Note: You can participate in one or both of the programs, and still be entered to win. You will get more than one entry if you participate in both programs!


What is the Yellow Fish Road Program?​

Yellow Fish Road™ is a free storm drain painting program that promotes awareness about urban runoff pollution with various groups such as school classes, eco clubs, youth groups, neighborhood groups, or even your family! Sign up your group or family today!


What is the Adopt a StormDrain Program?

Adopting a StormDrain in your neighbourhood or near your school will help keep debris out of our stormdrains and prevent pollution from entering our Ponds and Oldman River. Adopting a StormDrain is easy and a great opportunity to become environmental stewards. Keeping stormdrains free of debris will help prevent ponding of water.​​

​ALSO NEW THIS YEAR! Partici​pate in the CLEAN COMMUNITY CHALLENGE​. The Yellow Fish Road and Adopt a StormDrain programs go towards this incentive as well! ​

Common FAQ's

Q. Do I have to do both programs?
A. No, but for each program you participate​ in, you will gain a entry to win the prizes above. ​​​​

Q. Is there a cost to participate in either program?
A. No, there is no cost to participate in the Yellow Fish Road or the Adopt a StormDrain programs. We will provide all the supplies and information needed.

Q. Is there educational value in these programs?
A. Yes. Check out the Yellow Fish Road​ or Adopt a StormDrain​ page for more information. If you are interested in a presentation or educational materials, call Stephanie Vehnon at 403-320-4988  or email at to discuss options.