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Yellow Fish Road



 What is Yellow Fish Road (YFR)?
​ Covid-19 Update
 Why Yellow Fish Road?
 What type of pollution can enter stormdrains?
 How does YFR work?
 When to participate and where to paint
 Trout Unlimited: purchasing supplies​
What is Yellow Fish Road?

Yellow Fish Road™ is a free storm drain painting program that promotes awareness about urban runoff pollution with various groups such as school classes, eco clubs, youth groups, neighborhood groups, or even your family/friends!  Sign up your group or family today!​


You can still get a kit this summer! We can deliver a kit to your household. All contents will be appropriately sanitized prior to and post use.  Only households can participate in the program.

No groups are able to obtain kits or have a group presentation at this time. We will update as re-opening begins to unfold. Contact information to obtain a kit is below.




Painting yellow fish beside storm drains reminds your friends and family that storm drains are NOT connected to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Water from storm drains in Lethbridge empty directly into the Oldman River UNTREATED!  Discover what you can do to help.   





What types of pollution can enter storm drains?
Accordion Answer

Pesticides are used to get rid of unwanted ​pests, including:​

  • insects (ins​ecticides)
  • vegetation (herbicides)
  • rodents (rodenticides) ​ 
  • fungi (fungicides)  

Improperly applied pesticides can enter the water system and can cause deformities, reproductive problems, and even death in fish and other aquatic life.

How can you help? 
Hand-pulling and spot spraying weeds are good ways to reduce the amount of pesticides that need to be used.  If pesticides must be used read and follow the instructions carefully.


Fertilizers are nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium) applied to the soil to help plants grow faster and larger.  Fertilizers that wash into the river cause aquatic plants to grow more too.  This can cause river weeds to grow out of control which can take up space, light, and oxygen from other aquatic life that needs it. 

How can you help? 
Using natural fertilizers such as compost, mulch, and grass clippings (grasscycling) can eliminate the need for undesirable synthetic chemical fertilizers.


Oil and gas leaks from vehicles, accidental spills, or dumping are highly toxic to aquatic plants and animals.

How can you help?
Cleaning up spills properly, not hosing down driveways to clean them and ensuring to fix leaky vehicles quickly will reduce oil and gas residues in the Oldman River.


Pet poop contains nutrients and bacteria that can be washed into our river. The nutrients can cause:

  • excess plant and algae growth (the same way fertilizers do)
  • diseases

How can you help? 
Being a responsible pet owner and picking up after our pets is the only way to keep these toxins out of our river.


Dirt is everywhere in a windy city and is a difficult problem to manage. Too much dirt in a river causes a dirty, cloudy river, but most aquatic plants and animals prefer clean, clear water. 

How can you help? 
By sweeping up dirty driveways instead of hosing them off which allows the dirty water to run straight into the river. Keeping storm drains clean will help as well because often large lumps of dirt, litter and branches are trapped by the grates.

How Does YFR Work?    

The City of Lethbridge has partnered with Trout Unlimited Canada (TUC) and Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) to lend you a painting kit that has everything you need, so you can paint at your leisure this summer.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3 

1. Contact us to borrow a kit and receive a brief information session.

2. Paint as many storm drains as you'd like and deliver door hangers to mailboxes on the streets you painted.   There are 4 roles to consider:


  • Tasks:
    • Rotate roles within your group
    • Safety: 2 people must wear safety vests at all time, ensuring safety for those painting
    • Painting: Use the stencil and paint provided. Use minimal paint, and have someone hold the stencil.
    • Door hangers: Please place door hangers in mailboxes, if possible, so the wind does not blow it away!
    • Recording: Tally the stormdrains painted and door hangers placed in mailboxes, and mark the painted stormdrains on the maps provided

3. Return the supplies to 4th Floor City Hall, or contact the person who lent you the kit for pick up.  

When can I participate?  ​

You can participate April through August. You can keep a kit for up to 2 weeks in order to paint everything you want to paint. 

What do I need in order to paint?

  • An adult to paint with the youth
  • Water bottle
  • Paint friendly clothing 
  • Good walking shoes (you may be required to walk to stormdrains in the area)

Where should I paint?

You can paint in your neighbourhood or anywhere within the community!

To the right is a map showing where stormdrains have been painted since the program started. Click on the image to look at the stormdrains that have been painted around Lethbridge and in your neighbourhood!


For more information or to sign up contact:
Stephanie Vehnon

Learn More About Trout Unlimited Canada

Trout Unlimited You Tube Channel

Trout Unlimited Webpage


Our exciting self-delivery model provides all the resources and supplies needed to complete a Yellow Fish Road program over and over again. Discounts of 50% are currently available throughout Alberta and in the City of Winnipeg, postage and taxes extra. If you prefer to pick up your kits at our Calgary office, the cost is as shown below plus taxes. Order a package that suits your needs for the upcoming season!

School/Group Package $250.00
This package is perfect for a large class or community group and includes a Program Guide, a presentation activity, TUC pencils (50) for classes and YFR badges (25) for groups, and 4 full kits of storm drain painting supplies for 24-30 participants.

Family Package $90.00
This package is great for a small class, group or family, and includes a Program Guide, and 2 full kits of storm drain painting supplies for 12-18 participants.

Basic Package $40.00
This package is good for a small family, group, club or individuals wanting the basics and includes a Program Guide, 3 ‘Rain Only’ stencils and 75 generic door hangers for a storm drain painting project for 6-12 participants.

Additional Supplies:

To learn more about the Yellow Fish Road program please view the Introduction and How to Paint infographics videos for your program from this page or on our Trout Unlimited Canada’s YouTube Channel.

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