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Repairs & Improvements

​We continually perform repairs and upgrades to Lethbridge's water, sewer and stormwater systems. Planned and unplanned services are required and sometimes this results in a temporary disruption of water service.

Planned services include annual maintenance and planned infrastructure upgrade projects. Unplanned service requests include emergency watermain breaks and sewer line repairs or replacement. 

Watermain repair/upgrade

Watermains carry drinking water from our water treatment plants to homes, businesses and institutions across the city. These pipes can sometimes leak or break and require repair.

This can mean temporary disruption of water service for residents or businesses. When that happens, we work to restore water service as quickly as possible.

City crews will notify residents in the area of an interruption in water supply service. This is usually done in person by going door-to-door in the affected area.
If residents are not home a notification tag is left on the door.


Current Work

​Watermain repairFull road closure​
1100 13 Avenue North
Started Oct. 26
​Watermain repair​Full road closure (open to local traffic)
1400 9A Avenue South
​Started Oct. 26
​Installation of new water and sanitary sewer services​Full road closure
2200 block of 36 Street North
​Started Oct. 30
(weather delays)

Sanitary sewer line repair/replacement

Like watermains, our sanitary sewer pipes sometimes break and require repair. These types of repairs do not impact your drinking water like in a watermain break.

However, they do impact sanitary service like toilets and drains in your home.

Current Work

 Sanitary sewer repairFull road closure
2800 block of 13 Avenue South
​Started Nov. 14
​Emergency sanitary sewer repair​Full road closure
1500 block of 7 Avenue South
​Started Nov. 8
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If your water is not working and you have not received advance notice, please call 403-320-3850, visit our News Centre or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.