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Boards, Commissions & Committees List

Council's Standing Policy Committee model allows our local government to look at issues in the City through a more focused lens, allowing for more thorough deliberation on the part of our City Council. 

Existing Boards, Commissions and Committees report their work and status updates to the Standing Policy Committees based on this Reporting Structure.

Standing Policy Committees

Ongoing, permanent committees that report to City Council and have other Boards, Commissions and Committees reporting directly to them. 

Standing Committees
Ongoing Committee established by City Council that shall continue until terminated by a City Council Resolution.

Special Purpose Committees
A Committee, Board or Commission which is established under the legislated powers of the City but has their own Constitution or Bylaws.

Ad Hoc Committees
Short-term Committee which is specific in purpose and has a clearly defined life span.

Joint Committees
A Committee that is created through agreement with one or more other bodies.

External Committees
A Committee not established by City Council but to which City Council members and/or citizens may be appointed by City Council.

Dissolved Committees 
The following issues may trigger the dissolution or completion of a committee: completion of mandate, merger with another committee, annual review process. If you need any information regarding dissolved committees, contact