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City reaches historic population milestone

The City of Lethbridge is now officially more than 100,000 people strong.

The 2019 Census results have been finalized and the total population of the city is 101,482. This shows a population growth of 1.72 per cent, an increase of 1,713 people since the last Census data was collected in 2018.

"We have known for some time that we've been on the very edge of reaching this population milestone but couldn't claim the number officially until the results were finalized," says Mayor Chris Spearman. "It's exciting to know that we're a city that continues to steadily grow and more importantly, retain, those people and families who choose to make Lethbridge their home."

City Clerk Bonnie Hilford says the information received in the Census shows a steady population growth in all major areas of the city.

"The west side of the city saw the largest population increase with just over two per cent, which equated to 938 people making their homes across the river," says Hilford. "When you break the data down further, the neighbourhoods with the largest population increases were Copperwood, Garry Station, BlackWolf, Fairmont, Crossings and Country Meadows.

According to the data, the average Lethbridge resident is 38.4 years old. More than 40 per cent of census surveys were completed online with the remainder being completed in-person by census takers who go door-to-door across the city during the month of April.

Census data is crucial to not only keep accurate population records but to support funding requests from the provincial and federal governments that are distributed on a per-capita basis. Previous infrastructure improvement projects that have benefitted from such funding include Legacy Park and the new Fire Station in West Lethbridge.


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