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​​​Plant and Wildlife Resources


Coulees & Cottonwoods Field Guide
This recently updated booklet brings together the vast knowledge of local naturalists, both past and present, thanks to collaboration between the Lethbridge Naturalists Society and the Helen Schuler Nature Centre.  An excellent resource for educators and anyone interested in the natural history of the Lethbridge area. 

Lethbridge is home to a very small population of prairie rattlesnakes.  Learn more about this important species at risk and the Lethbridge Rattlesnake Conservation Program.

Pollinator Partners
Discover how flowers are adapted to attract and reward insect pollinators to ensure successful fertilization.

Lethbridge Through the Seasons - Colouring Book

Featuring the line art of Beth Porter - Nature Centre #FactFriday Volunteer extraordinaire - this colouring book explores Lethbridge’s parks and wildlife that you may encounter throughout a typical year in the Oldman River Valley. 

  • Click here to download the Lethbridge Through the Seasons - Colouring Book 

The City of Lethbridge is located in a semi-arid ecosystem.  Learn how to grow native prairie plants in your garden, help to conserve water and reduce the use of chemicals.

Water Conservation
This research package is a compilation of current, local research in the area of water.  It was prepared as a resource for the Nature Centre.  The document is a wealth of local and regional sources for both educators and the public.  ​

Grassland Conservation
This video was created in 2010 as part of a larger community mapping project, in which participants explored what the Oldman Watershed means to members of our community.

Elizabeth Hall Wetlands
This preservation area of 32 hectares is tucked away alongside the Oldman River. A dipping dock can be found on the north east corner of the pond and there is interpretive signage around the 22km pedestrian trail.

Lesson Plans

The following is an exceptional resource about native grasslands that was developed by the Prairie Conservation Forum and Alberta Environment for use by educators. 

Explore the tremendous diversity of life found in our local grasslands. 
Click here to download Alberta Environment's Grasslands Teacher's Guide

The following lesson plans have been developed by the City of Lethbridge for local educators.  They include ideas for activities in your classroom as well as links to information sources. 

Lifecycle of a T-shirt
Discover the environmental impacts involved in the manufacturing of a t-shirt.
Click here to download the Lifecycle of a T-shirt Lesson Plan

Storm Water
Examine where our storm water goes and the effects it has on local ecosystems.
Click here to download the Storm Water Lesson Plan

Bottled Water
Explore the environmental impacts of bottled water vs. tap water. 
Click here to download the Bottled Water, Tapped Out Lesson Plan