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Civic Common Master Plan*

Civic common Master Plan

*Formerly Civic Precinct Master Plan – name of the area and project has been revised based on public feedback.
​Current Status​Active
​Time line​March - October 2018

​Four square block parcel from 4 Ave. S. to 6 Ave. S, between Stafford Dr. S. & 11 St. S.

About the Project

The Civic Common, formerly referred to as the Civic Precinct, is a four-square-block section that includes land occupied by City Hall south to the Civic Ice Centre as well as the Civic Field, the Yates Theatre, the LSCO complex and the Old Courthouse.

Civic facilities such as the Civic Ice Centre are aging, and a comprehensive long-term plan is needed to guide future decisions on fulfilling the community's vision for future public amenities in this area.

The Civic Common Master Plan will build on the strong planning framework for this distinctive area of Lethbridge. The concept of a civic square was envisioned 37 years ago in the 1981 Town Square Concept Report, which recommended construction of a new, expanded city hall in this area as part of an enhanced civic centerpiece.      

The 2007 Heart of Our City Master Plan further developed this vision, incorporating the concept of a concentration of civic facilities and amenities that would enhance the social, cultural, educational, environmental and economic vitality of this area.

Opportunities to be involved

Stakeholders and community members are invited to help shape the community's long-term vision for the Civic Common.

Over the past six months there has been a series of public engagement opportunities including online survey, design burst, and an open house where feedback has been gathered from stakeholders and the public. This feedback has directly influenced the draft master plan including renaming the plan and area from Civic Precinct to Civic Common.

The results of the engagements done to-date can be viewed in Section 4 of the Draft Plan.

Online Engagement

We are now seeking further feedback on the draft master plan and encourage you to review the full draft version or short draft version of the master plan prior to completing the short online questionnaire. 

In Case You Didn't Know

  • The Civic Ice Centre is more than 60 years old and is expected to reach the end of its useful life within the next decade.
  • Any decisions in the future about uses of buildings within the Civic Precinct will be made in consultation with the organizations that own or occupy them.
A final master plan is expected to be ready for presentation to City Council for adoption sometime this fall. Any decisions in the future about uses of buildings within the Civic Precinct area will be made in consultation with the organizations that own or occupy them.


​Source ​Amount
​Planning & Development Department and Infrastructure Services Operating Budgets


Municipal Development Plan
Heart of Our City Master Plan
Town Square Concept Report (1981)
6 Avenue Functional Planning Study
Cycling Master Plan
Recreation & Culture Master Plan
Downtown Redevelopment Plan
London Road Area Redevelopment Plan

Contact Information

Andrew Malcolm, Downtown Revitalization Manager