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Civic Common Master Plan*

Civic common Master Plan

*Formerly Civic Precinct Master Plan – name of the area and project has been revised based on public feedback.
​Current StatusComplete
​Time line​March - October 2018

​Four square block parcel from 4 Ave. S. to 6 Ave. S, between Stafford Dr. S. & 11 St. S.

About the Project

The Civic Common, formerly referred to as the Civic Precinct, is a four-square-block section that includes land occupied by City Hall south to the Civic Ice Centre as well as the Civic Field, the Yates Theatre, the LSCO complex and the Old Courthouse.

Civic facilities such as the Civic Ice Centre are aging, and a comprehensive long-term plan was needed to guide future decisions on fulfilling the community's vision for future public amenities in this area.

This master plan was developed in consultation with the study team, stakeholders, the public, and Lethbridge City Council, who worked to shape the vision for the Civic Common. The Civic Common Master Plan Report documents background research, site analysis, community engagement, design vision, and phasing strategy.

 The finalized Civic Common Master Plan was presented to City Council on October 15, 2018, where it was accepted as information. Now that the plan has officially been accepted by Council it will now provide the framework to guide and manage future growth and change within the Civic Common plan area.

Within the plan, the Civic Common is a community hub for the entire City of Lethbridge. The citizens of Lethbridge view the Civic Common as the heart of their community. The vision for the Civic Common is to revitalize its existing assets and to set the stage for both daily rituals and seasonal ceremonies. Creating a welcoming and nurturing public realm that encourages social interaction is critical for Lethbridge to thrive. The Civic Common plan is designed to support a wide-ranging set of activities including civic, recreational, and cultural pursuits. It is an inclusive space that is accessible to all throughout the year. The proposed Civic Common plan is adaptable and flexible and designed to support opportunities for development as they arise.

Civic Common Open House Boards

Click here for copy of the Approved Civic Common Master Plan 


​Source ​Amount
​Planning & Development Department along with Recreation & Culture Budget


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Contact Information

Andrew Malcolm, Downtown Revitalization Manager