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Fire Station #5 - West Lethbridge (D-28)

Project Status Warranty/Deficiencies
Project Type Facility
Timeline 2017 - project initialization
2018 - design consultant selected
2019 - design completed
         - contractor selected
         - construction begins
2020 - construction continues
2021 - fire station becomes operational early in the year
Budget (sources) $10,300,000.00
Expenditures to Date $9,156,366.39
Budget Status On Budget

About the Project

Construction of a new Fire Station (#5) in the south end of west Lethbridge in the community of Watermark.  The new facility will be approximately 1200 m2 in size and will include three drive-through apparatus bays and sufficient space for living quarters, administrative and support services, and training.


The current #2 station located on Whoop Up Drive was completed in 1980.  At the time of opening, the population in west Lethbridge was approximately 4,000; today the population is nearing 40,000.  The Fire Master Plan identifies that an additional fire station is required to service west Lethbridge.  This station would provide an additional fire truck and ambulance to west Lethbridge.

Pressures impacting the emergency response in west Lethbridge include:

  1. Increasing demand for emergency medical and fire service in west Lethbridge.
  2. Challenges in meeting the desired response times at the extreme north and south borders of west Lethbridge are compounded by growth because the resources deployed from #2 Station are isolated from the normal overlap in response time as seen in the rest of the city.
  3. Continued population growth, residential and commercial development, and the expanding footprint of the city.
  4. Escalating vehicle traffic, limited arterial connectors and curvilinear/cul-de-sac street patterns.
  5. Geographic isolation to other emergency response resources.
  6. Development of facilities with high life hazards and vulnerable populations (senior facilities).
  7. Protecting the urban wildland interface.

The addition of a second fire station located in the south end of west Lethbridge will improve response times for the west side of the city.  Further, the location of additional firefighting resources will dramatically improve the time it takes to assemble enough resources, both firefighters and equipment, to deal with residential or wildland fires.


Project Updates

June 2021

Station is operational as of June 21, 2021.

March 2021

Procuring furniture and equipment.

January 2021

Project reached Substantial Completion phase on January 31, 2021.

December 2020

Commissioning and training began.

August 2020

Paving complete.  

July 2020

Slabs complete. 

June 2020

First slab pour.

May 2020

Roofing complete. 

April 2020

Precast walls complete. 

March 2020

Structural steel complete. 

February 2020

Foundations complete. 

December 2019

Construction begins.

August/September 2019

A contractor was selected for construction.

Location Map

Fire Station 5 Location Map.png



​Grant - Municipal Sustainability (MSI)​$9.27MConstruction, Equipment & Furnishings
​PAYG - Community​$1.03M​Consulting Services

Contact Information

Abby Slovack, Real Estate & Land Development
Land Development Manager (Great Bear Boulevard)

Jace Adams, Facility Services
Project Manager (Facility Design and Construction)