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Apartments and Condos Services

The City of Lethbridge is committed to ensuring recycling and organics services are provided to apartments and condominiums. All apartments and condominiums in the city have access to a recycling program and will have access to an organics program beginning in fall of 2023 / spring 2024.

Recycling Collection for Small Apartments & Condos (with less than 45 units)

Each apartment/condo unit is responsible for properly gathering materials accepted in the residential program and getting them to the designated collection area. Each building decides how and where to store the materials. The City of Lethbridge will collect and deliver recyclables to the sorting facility and organics to the compost facility.

Due to the complexity and unique circumstances of each property, the City of Lethbridge works with managers/owners to determine what works best for their residents. If you live in an apartment complex, speak with your building manager on how waste is collected at your site.

Recycling Collection for Large Apartments & Condos (with more than 45 units)

City Council made a decision to offer Large Apartments & Condos an option to apply for an exemption to the City recycling program. These complexes can choose to either receive the City of Lethbridge recycling service or arrange a recycling option through a private company.

The recycling program is delivered by the City of Lethbridge and is the 'default’ option. It will automatically be implemented unless an exemption is applied for and approved by the City.

Large complexes can choose to receive recycling services from a private company and apply for an exemption to the City of Lethbridge recycling and organics service.

As per the Waste Bylaw 6146, all housing units will still be required to pay a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) charge of $0.058 per day.

What are the requirements for an exemption?

As per Waste Bylaw 6146 (Section 36.1 and 36.2), exemptions will only be granted on an annual basis if your apartment complex can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of City staff, that it:

  • has an acceptable plan for recycling Recyclable Materials;
  • will use a private collections service provider;
  • will recycle the same Recyclable Materials that are included in the City’s recycling program;
  • will provide Adequate Containers for collection of Recyclable Materials;
  • can specify the destination of the Recyclable Materials;
  • can specify the tonnage of Recyclable Materials collected; and,
  • can provide evidence of training to the residents of the complex.
Applying for an exemption

If you are the property manager/designated representative for a large condo/apartment, call 311 to begin the application process.

Organics Collection

Small apartments and condos (less than 45 units) began organics collection in Fall 2023.
Large apartments and condos (more than 45 units) will begin organics collection in Spring 2024.

More information on an organics program in your building will come from your property manager closer to the timeframes above.


  • The apartments and condos rate for recycling collection is $7/month/unit ($0.233/day/unit).
  • The apartments and condos rate for organics collection rate is $4/month/unit ($0.1334/day/unit).

The Waste and Environment department is not a profit center but rather operates on a cost recovery basis. The fees go towards the collection of materials, facility operations (utilities, staffing, and maintenance), maintenance of collection trucks, and resources for public education and outreach. 

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