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Residential Collection

Residential garbage and recycling are collected biweekly, with each zone collected on a different day. Organics is collected weekly from May-October, then changes to alternating biweekly collection from November-April.

See the garbage, recycling and organic trucks working around the city with our live Collection Truck Tracking Tool

Type in your address with our Waste Wizard to find your collection schedule or to sign up for reminders.

Consider downloading the Lethbridge LOOP app to receive collection reminders to your smartphone.

Pickup Hiccup – Residential Curbside Cart Tips

Help reduce pickup hiccups at your house by understanding how to place your carts for safe, consistent pickup. 

Garbage: Everything in your black cart must be bagged and tied. ​​Be sure not to overfill your cart. The lid must be able to close. Please keep our workers safe by keeping dangerous items like propane tanks out of your cart.  

Recycling: Recyclable materials should be placed loosely in your cart and not bagged. Remember not to overfill your cart. The lid must be able to close.

Organics: Empty your kitchen pail into the green cart when the pail becomes full. Organic materials collected inside and outside your home should be placed loosely in your cart or bagged in paper bags. Remember not to overfill your cart. The lid must be able to close.

Have your cart out by 7 am on your collection day and be sure the arrow on the lid is pointing into the street or alley.​

​Not sure when your pickup day is? ​Use our Waste Wizard Tool​ to find out and to sign-up for reminders. ​​

Bins should be at least 1.5 metre from any objects like a fence, garage or car so the mechanical truck arms can safely grab them.

Please remember to leave space to protect your car or property and ensure your waste can be collected.

Be sure to return your cart to your property after pickup. Each cart is marked with a barcode specific to your address.​

You can submit a service request for missed collection, to fix a broken cart or have a cart replaced by calling 311.

Collection takes place between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on scheduled collection days. If your collection is missed, please wait until the next business day to submit a request to 311. Missed collection requests must be submitted within two business days after your collection day.

Demolition Bin Rentals

Why rent a demolition bin?

Demolition bins provide a flexible, cost-effective way to remove large amounts of waste on your own schedule. Rentals are available year-round.

How do I rent a demolition bin?
  • Prior to ordering a demolition bin, please decide where on your property you would like it to be placed.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Waste Bylaw.
  • Contact 311 with your Utility account number and submit your request.

Note: Before you place demolition bin on a road, lane, or boulevard, you will need get a Street Use permit. Contact 311 for more details.

Heavy loads

Bins are not designed for heavy loads of concrete or dirt; therefore, we are unable to accept bins filled with this material.

For current rates, visit Demolition Bin Rental.


Large Item Service

Lethbridge offers a way to dispose of unwanted, bulky household waste such as couches, mattresses, household furnishings and more. The City offers access to two complimentary collections per year, a minimum of three months apart, at your convenience.

For more information, visit Large Item Service.

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