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The Municipal Government Act authorizes cities such as Lethbridge to create and enforce bylaws to maintain the health, safety and wellness of the community. 

Bylaws in Lethbridge are approved by City Council and maintained by the Office of the City Clerk. 

Bylaw complaints and enforcement questions should be directed to 311. 

You can search by Bylaw Number, Category or Bylaw Name. A keyword search is also available.



Bylaw 6264 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment6804A bylaw of the City of Lethbridge to rezone lots for lower density residential in the Coulee Creek Blvd. S. area. 62642/11/2021 3:32:00 PM
Bylaw 6260 - Amendment to the Sewerage Service Charge Bylaw11499A bylaw of the City of Lethbridge to amend Bylaw 3250 - The Sewerage Service Charge Bylaw62602/2/2021 8:58:12 AM
Bylaw 6251 - Electronic Advertisement Bylaw11498A bylaw of the City of Lethbrdige to establish alterate methods of advertising for legislatively required notices. 62512/2/2021 8:56:34 AM
Bylaw 5412 - Combative Sports Commission (Consolidated)11348A Bylaw to establish the terms of the Combative Sports Commission of the City of Lethbridge. 54121/18/2021 10:28:11 AM14
Bylaw 5411 - The Procedure Bylaw6887A Bylaw of the CIty of Lethbridge to regulate the proceedings of City Council and its Committees and to define certain duties of City Council, its Committees, and certain officers. 54111/12/2021 8:02:03 AM83
Police Commission Bylaw6315A consolidated bylaw of the City of Lethbridge to provide for a municipal police commission for the City of Lethbridge. 59691/11/2021 9:15:38 AM3
Bylaw 6203 - Public Member Code of Conduct6318A bylaw of the City of Lethbridge to establish a code of conduct for citizen members appointed to boards, commissions, and committees. 62031/6/2021 11:08:10 AM15
2021 Incentives for Prepayments, Penalty and Tax Deferral Bylaw6271A Bylaw of the City of Lethbridge to Provide Incentives for the Prepayment of Taxes, to set Rates and Impose Penalties on Unpaid Taxes and Establish a Deferral of Taxes62531/6/2021 12:21:24 PM6
Electric Regulated Rate Option Bylaw6193A Bylaw to Establish the City of Lethbridge Electric Regulated Rate Option Tariff62331/6/2021 12:18:59 PM3
Bylaw 4890 - Galt Museum Bylaw11426A consolidated bylaw to define the roles and responsibilities of the Galt Museum and Archives. 489012/22/2020 9:36:28 AM12

If you are having trouble locating a bylaw, please contact us for assistance.

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