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The Municipal Government Act authorizes cities such as Lethbridge to create and enforce bylaws to maintain the health, safety and wellness of the community. 

Bylaws in Lethbridge are approved by City Council and maintained by the Office of the City Clerk. 

Bylaw complaints and enforcement questions should be directed to 311. 

You can search by Bylaw Number, Category or Bylaw Name. A keyword search is also available.



Temporary Mandatory Face Coverings Bylaw11262A Bylaw of the City of Lethbridge to Impose the Temporary Regulations Requiring the Wearing of Masks or Other Face Coverings Within Public Spaces and Public Vehicles.62398/25/2020 10:28:38 PM1695
Conversion Therapy Prohibition Bylaw3502A Bylaw of the City of Lethbridge to prohibit the business practice of Conversion Therapy.Bylaw 62287/15/2020 3:42:58 PM13
Temporary Utility Defferral Bylaw10051A Bylaw of the City of Lethbridge to Temporarily Defer Utility Payments in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.62296/16/2020 9:17:09 AM20
5728 - Debentures Bylaw3252A consolidation of a bylaw to authorize City Council of Lethbridge to incur an indebtedness by the issuance of debentures to the Alberta Capital Finance Authority, 57285/21/2020 10:59:22 AM
2020 Property Tax and Supplementary Property Tax Bylaw2687A Bylaw of the City of Lethbridge to Authorize the Levy of Tax Upon All Taxable Property Shown on the Property Assessment and Tax Rolls and the Supplementary Property Assessment and Tax Rolls for the YEar 202062225/17/2020 3:15:34 AM
6199 - Amendment to Bylaw 5700 - The Land Use Bylaw3145A Bylaw to amend the Land Use Bylaw 5700 and to establish the uses and rules for a direct control district.61995/6/2020 8:53:26 AM7
6220 - 2020 Downtown Business Improvement Area Tax Rate9693A Bylaw to establish a tax rate and other conditions for the 2020 Downtown Business Improvement Area Tax.62204/27/2020 11:56:07 AM6
6219 - 2020 Business Improvement Area Tax9692A Bylaw to impose a Downtown Business Improvement Area Tax62194/27/2020 11:55:55 AM3
Borrowing Bylaw8479A Bylaw to permit the borrowing of funds to meet current expendatures62244/9/2020 12:43:41 PM
Bylaw 6217 - Supplementary Assessment Bylaw2678A bylaw to authorize the supplementary assessment of improvements in the City of Lethbridge. 62173/26/2020 10:28:56 AM

If you are having trouble locating a bylaw, please contact us for assistance.

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