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Building and Renovating

Are you about to begin a building or renovation project? Review our building permit process and find out how we can help you with your next building and renovating project. 

When is a Permit Required?

How to determine when a permit is required for residential construction projects? Please check the Building Permit Brochure for additional information. 

Please visit the Permits & Applications Hub for more detailed guidelines on the application procedure, necessary construction drawings and frequently asked questions on requirements for specific types of projects.

  • Painting or decorating, window replacement (same size), re-roofing.
  • Cabinet installations and floor covering replacement.
  • Other repairs or maintenance to a building or structure under $2,500.00 in value. Electrical or mechanical work not included.
  • Accessory buildings less than 10 m2 (107 sq. ft.) provided they do not create a hazard.
  • Uncovered decks less than 0.6 m (2’0”) in height from the standing platform to grade.

  • Construction or additions to a new building.
  • Construction of retaining walls greater than 0.90 m (3’ 0”) in height.
  • Construction of all covered decks.
  • Construction of uncovered decks over 0.6m (approx. 2’0”) in height from the standing platform to grade.
  • Hot tubs and swimming pools.
  • Demolition of an existing building or structure.
  • Repair or alteration of an existing building or structure including damage from a fire, flood, earthquake or other cause.
  • Park access for backyard work.

Purpose & Benefits of Obtaining a Permit

Purpose of acquiring proper permits , and the value to members of the construction community and the Homeowner.

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