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Building Inspections Bulletins and Notices

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Archived Mailings

Planning & Design requires that window wells be clearly indicated on all Site Plans provided for Building Permit and Development Permit applications for Single Detached Dwellings.

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The Government of Alberta has released a notice regarding changes to the adopted energy efficiency Tier 1 of Section 9.36 of the NBC(AE).

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Due to the increase in appliance natural gas BTU loads as manufacturer gas appliances get larger, expected BTU loads for future natural gas outlet sizes have changed.

As of May 1, 2024, City of Lethbridge Mechanical SCOs will be monitoring the sizing of future outlets in accordance with the requirements outlined below:

  • Gas line sizing and future outlets (Clause 6.10, 6.12 B149.1-20 - Tees with plugs or nipple and cap will be considered futures)
  • Future outlet BTUs will be considered as follows:
    • 50 MBH for garage heaters
    • 30 MBH for direct vent fireplaces
    • 30 MBH for inserts
    • 20 MBH for gas dryers
    • 80 MBH for barbecues
    • 100 MBH for gas ranges
  • In addition to these added BTU loads, the distance to their future location will also be considered for sizing the gas lines

Please familiarize yourself with the new sizes and ensure your staff is brought up to date. This will help prevent gas line projects with future outlets from being delayed due to deficiencies.

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City of Lethbridge Mechanical SCOs will allow the installation of a vertical loop in the condensate pump discharge line in lieu of a p-trap installed into the building drainage system. ­P-traps can still be used if desired.

This is to align the requirements for condensate pump drainage connections with building drainage systems of other municipalities and to address concerns from our local contractors.

Requirements are as follows:

  • The condensate pump discharge line must be clamped at the pump body and the connection to the drainage system through an approved fitting. Do not drill holes into the side of a drainage pipe.
  • The condensate loop must be secured and supported in a vertical position.
  • The condensate drain must be tied into the drain portion of a building drainage system and not into the building ventilation system.

Note: This is for condensate pump drainage connections only. Other forms of condensate drainage are required to be code compliant in their connections.

If you have questions or concerns about these requirements, please contact the appropriate mechanical inspector.

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