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Single Family Dwellings

The Single Family Dwelling (SFD) application allows construction of one new home on an empty lot.

Supporting Document

Development Considerations

  • The first step of any project is obtaining Development approval. Approval is obtained when a Development Officer reviews the submitted site plan and building drawings and determines that they meet the minimum requirements outlined in Land Use Bylaw 6300
  • Development officers [either include contact info here or link to Contact Directory] review each application by first determining which zoning district the parcel is located in. Each residential parcel in the City of Lethbridge has a specific zoning district assigned to it. Within each zoning district is a set of requirements outlining both permitted and discretionary uses of the parcel, minimum parcel sizes, setbacks from parcel lines for principal and accessory buildings, heights of buildings, etc.
  • To determine the zoning district of your parcel, visit the Property Information Map, click the 'Property Search' button and enter your address. Once you have determined your zoning district, locate the corresponding district rules in Land Use Bylaw 6300 to determine the minimum requirements for your parcel.
    For further information please contact Planning and Design by telephone at 403-320-3920 or by email at 

Required Permits and Inspections

Design Considerations

  • Footing & foundation, framing, insulation & vapor barrier, wiring, plumbing, gas and ventilation requirements are to be completed in accordance with applicable codes.
  • Egress windows for bedrooms must indicate the opening type and meet minimum safety requirements
  • Design requirements for Tall Walls are to be addressed.
  • Lethbridge Fire Response Time requirements are to be addressed.
  • Structural members must be specified (floor/roof/deck beams, garage door headers, basement window lintels, etc.)
  • Attic access locations and dimensions must be shown.
  • Engineered column and pad footing specifications must be provided on foundation plans for point loads in excess of 8000 lbs. unfactored (11600 lbs. factored) loads.
  • Unprotected area calculations for glazed openings in exterior walls must be provided.
  • ICF block foundations require a copy of the installers certification to be submitted.
  • Screw piles or cast in place friction piles are to be designed by a professional engineer.

Permit Application 

To complete application go to eApply

Residential Building Permit:

  • Site plan (with Architectural Controls if applicable)
  • Floor plans for all floors
  • 4 sided building elevations
  • Cross section
  • Truss floor & roof layouts with corporate letter
  • Drawing Details –  ie) Tall wall (if applicable)
  • Engineered Drawings (if applicable)
  • New Home Warranty or Exemption Number
  • Soil Bearing Evaluation

Footing and Foundation:

  • Floor plan foundation for basement
  • Main floor truss layout
  • Elevations showing foundation
  • Cross section
  • Site Plan
  • Engineered Drawings – if applicable

Lot Grading:

  • Site Plan with Elevations

National Energy Code Of Canada for Building:

Please Note: 'reversed' or 'mirrored' drawings will not be accepted.

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