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Demolition Permits

Demolition of Residential Structures requires approvals from Development Services and other Utility Providers.

Required Permits and Inspections

  • Demolition Permit: is required to be authorized by Development Services, Atco Gas and Fire Prevention Services.

Development Considerations

  • The first step of any project is obtaining Development approval.  Approval is obtained when a Development Officer reviews the submitted site plan and building drawings and determines that they meet the minimum requirements outlined in Land Use Bylaw 6300.
  • Development approval is required for demolition of any building in the C-D Downtown Commercial District and the R-L(L) Low Density Residential District and any building that has a historic designation.  Prior to Demolition Permit approval, a site plan and building drawings must be approved for the new building that will replace the one to be demolished.
  • To determine the zoning district of your parcel, visit the Property Information Map, click the 'Property Search' button and enter your address. Once you have determined your zoning district, locate the corresponding district rules in Land Use Bylaw 6300 to determine the minimum requirements for your parcel.
  • All required 3rd party approvals shown on the Demolition Permit Application form must be completed prior to submitting the application to Planning and Development Services.

Design Considerations

  • It is the responsibility of the Owner/Contractor to have all utilities disconnected prior to demolition.
  • Prior to demolition work, the Owner/Contractor is to inspect the structure for the presence of Asbestos. Should Asbestos be present, it is to removed by a qualified abatement specialist, and documentation must be provided to confirm completion of abatement.
  • Construction debris dumped in other than approved landfill sites will require approval by Alberta Environment. Contact Wayne Williams: (403) 382-4009

Permit Application

  • Completed application form signed by Atco Gas, Electric Operations, Public Operations, Water Meter Shop, Fire Prevention, Planning and Design.




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