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Interior Alterations to Existing Commercial Buildings

​Information, forms and process when making application for alterations to an existing structure. Applications are available online. A building permit is required prior to alterations made to the interior of an existing building.  

Alterations may include but are not limited to:

  • Interior partitioning
  • Adding usable floor area i.e.) mezzanine or second story
  • Installing a new roof top unit (HVAC)
  • Replacement or removal of a structural component
  • Reconstruction due to damage from fire, flood or other cause
  • Replacement of guardrails
  • Any work involving fire separations
  • Installation of a spray booth

When applying for permits to construct interior alterations within an existing commercial building, the following information must be submitted to process your application:

Three (3) complete sets of working (construction) drawings with all related details including: 
  • Key plan showing the entire building, the tenant location and adjacent tenants (if the building has more than one tenant)
  • Description of the building including number of stories, building area (in square meters), construction type such as wood frame or masonry block.
  • Floor plans showing all involved floor levels, clearly describing what is existing and any new revisions (Note:  The floor plans must show all room uses, corridors, exits, elevators, etc.)
  • All applicable architectural, structural, plumbing, heating, sprinkler and electrical changes.
  • Existing building services such as sprinkler and fire alarm systems.
  • The drawings must include dimension or be scaled, i.e. 1/8” = 1.0”.  
  • All of the work must be shown regardless of who is doing the work.
  • A Site Plan may be required depending on the extent of the work.
  • Barrier-Free access must be considered when making alterations to a building. 

To provide an accurate review of your submittal, the information on your drawings should be detailed enough that any contractor could take those drawings and construct what is proposed.

A complete submission will enable a prompt review and processing of your permit.

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