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Fences do not require specific Development or Building permits if they follow the requirements as outlined in the City Bylaw.​

Development Considerations

Fences, provided that they meet the following maximum height requirements, do not require Development approval.

Interior Parcels

      • In all front yards                         1.0m (3'3")
      • In all side and rear yards          2.0m (6'6")

Corner Parcels (consists of two front yards and two side yards)

      • In one front yard                         1.0m (3'3")
      • In the remaining yards               2.0m (6'6")

  • For further information, or to apply for a waiver of these requirements, please contact Development Services by phone at 403-320-3920 or by email at  

Required Permits & Inspections 

  • A fence does not require Development approval provided it is a maximum of 1m (3'-3") in height in the front and no more than 2m (6'-6") in height in the side and rear of the property.
  • Development Permit: a waiver will be required if the proposed fence is to be built higher than the maximum allowable height as outlined above.
  • Building Permit:  a fence does not require a building permit unless it encloses a swimming pool or hot tub.  (For more information see the Design Considerations in the Section for Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Permits)

Design Considerations 

  • Although the City of Lethbridge does not regulate construction materials or design for fences, your property may be subject to Architectural Requirements by the subdivision Developer.
  • Utility Right of Way (also called Registered Utility Easements and/or UR/W), on private property, need to be considered when planning to construct a fence. 
    • Always request utility locates. Should a Utility Right of Way be present on your property please call 311 (or 403.320.3111 if calling from outside the City) and ask to speak with a Right of Way Coordinator to discuss the requirements.

Permit Application

To apply for a waiver of the maximum height requirements, please provide the following:


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