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Historic Building Preservation

​​Municipal Historic Resources

Acadia Block 
614 3 Avenue South 
Bylaw 5599
Annandale Residence 

1280 – 4 Avenue South
Bylaw 5551
Listed on the Alberta Register of Historic Places


Bank of Montreal
Bell's Welding (Mocha Cabana)
317 4 Street South
Bylaw 5688
Bentley Block
118 5 Street South
Bylaw 6171
Berte Grocery
707 9 Ave North
Bylaw 5787
Bow on Tong
316 2 Avenue South
Bylaw 5855

Buchanan Residence

1404 4 Avenue South
Bylaw 6003

Burgman Block

418 13 Street North
Bylaw 6126

Burns Block (Shanghai)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints/Red Cross Building

1122 7 Avenue South
Bylaw 5775

Collier $7500 House

704 13 Street South
Bylaw 6002
David James Whitney House
3203 28 Street South
Bylaw 5601
Galt No. 6 Mine Site
435 Mildred Dobbs Blvd North
Bylaw 5992

Hick-Sehl Building 

618 3 Avenue South
Bylaw 5855

J.D Higinbotham Building (Post Office)

706 4 Ave S
Bylaw 5953

Kresge Building

Knights of Pythias

​​Lanz Residence

Manie Opera

Nikka Yuko Centennial Garden

9 Avenue and Mayor Magrath Dr. South
Bylaw 5950

Nourse Residence

334 12 Street South
Bylaw 5814

Oliver Block            

Rylands (Croskery)

609 12 Street South
Bylaw 5788

Shackleford Residence

1317 4 Ave South
Bylaw 5953
Southminster United Church  
Spudnuts Shop 
Vendome Hotel (Alberta Rooms)
110 8 Street South
Bylaw 5622
Watson Residence

What are Historic Resources?

Heritage Management

Historic places that are protected by the City of Lethbridge are called Municipal Historic Resources.  Property owners can apply to the City to have their property identified and protected as a Municipal Historic Resource.

Do you think your building should be protected by the City as a Municipal Historic Resource?  To learn more view the Historic Resources Brochure.

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