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Occupancy Permits and Change of Use

Occupancy permits should be applied for at least one week in advance to allow all organizations involved to schedule for the inspection.

Change of Use Development Permit


Occupancy as defined by the Alberta Building Code is: "The use or intended use of a building or part thereof for the shelter or support of persons, animals or property". 

Occupancy Permit:

An Occupancy Permit is written permission allowing a building to be occupied after construction, alteration, or a change in occupancy of the building.

Change of Use:

Change of Use is a change to the occupancy type (use or intended use) of a building, and therefore an Occupancy Permit is required, even if no construction or alterations are anticipated.

Barrier-Free access must be considered when changing the use of a buildings. The Barrier-Free Design Guide is available from the Safety Codes Council website by clicking here.

When should an occupancy be scheduled?

When your construction is nearing completion you should apply for your Occupancy Permit. 

After making application, how long before the Occupancy Inspection can be completed and who is involved?

At least one week is needed to coordinate the inspection. Building, Mechanical and Electrical Inspectors work in conjunction with Fire Prevention and Alberta Health Services.

What conditions must be met for Occupancy to be granted and how is the owner notified that the building can now be occupied?

All life safety systems & devices must be installed and operational. Where applicable, all Engineering 'C' Schedules must be submitted, and all departments performing inspections must be satisfied that the building is safe to occupy. The Applicant will receive a copy of the signed Occupancy Permit, but the permit is not required to be permanently posted in the building.

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