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Lot Grading Permits

​Lot Grading is the contouring of earth to allow surface water runoff to flow away from building foundations and to follow a pre-determined drainage path.

City Council passed City of Lethbridge Bylaw 5917 to provide for Lot Grading regulation, and Lot Grading Permits for new residential construction will be required effective January 1, 2013.

Lot grading is a necessary component of home construction to direct surface drainage away from building foundations to aid in preventing basement flooding.  It provides a means to control where surface drainage discharges from a property, the rate of flow entering onto public roads and minimizes the infiltration of surface water entering the sanitary sewer system.

Lot Grading Permit:  When the decision is made to construct a new single family home, duplex, triplex or fourplex, a Lot Grading application must be submitted to Building Inspections with the Building Permit application. The applications must include a plot plan, which has been prepared by the Designer/Architect.

Plot Plan:  The plot plan shows a number of things including the location of the house on the property, and various elevations (or heights) of the foundation and the soil at the property lines. The plot plan demonstrates that the designer and builder are aware of the drainage pattern pre-determined for the neighbourhood prior to beginning construction.

Final Grade Certificate:  In order to ensure that the individual lots, as well as the entire subdivision are draining water properly and adequately, property grades must be verified by an Alberta Land Surveyor or Engineer, who is responsible for submission of a Final Grade Certificate to the City of Lethbridge. The Final Grade Certificate is assurance that the grades are constructed as shown on the plot plan.

Lot Grading Permit Application Process

  1. Designer/Architect refers to the master grading layout for the subdivision as determined by the City of Lethbridge or subdivision Developer.
  2. Designer/Architect prepares a site/plot plan which notes the specific elevations and grading of the property for the new structure.
  3. Applicant submits the Lot Grading Permit Application and Building Permit Application to Development Services at the same time.
  4. The Lot Grading Application will include:
    • Completed application form.
    • Site/Plot plan with vertical grade stamp.
    • Payment of Fees.
  5. Applicant arranges for Registered Professional, such as an Alberta Land Surveyor or Engineer, to verify the actual finished grades of the site when construction is completed and topsoil has been placed.
  6. Within 12 months of the Final Building Inspection, Applicant submits As Constructed Grade Certificate (Schedule 'C' from the Lot Grading Bylaw) as prepared by the Registered Professional.
  7. Schedule ' D' - Notice of Non-Compliance - will be issued should substantial discrepancies exist between the Final Grade Certificate and the initially submitted site plan. Documentation outlining proposed remedial work must be submitted to Inspection Services, and a revised Final Grade Certificate will be required when work is completed. A final completion date for remedial grading will be established at the discretion of the Safety Codes Officer.
  8. Upon review of the Final Inspection Certificate by Inspection Services, a Schedule 'E' will be issued for successful completion of Lot Grading.

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