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Animal Shelter

The City of Lethbridge contracts Community Animal Services to operate the Lethbridge Animal Shelter. 

Community Animal Services provides animal control, bylaw enforcement, and shelter management. Their team strives to create and maintain communities that are safe and clean for both people and pets. The Lethbridge Animal Shelter provides care to found stray cats and dogs and facilitates the adoption of pets that go unclaimed. 

Through partnerships with rescue groups and like-minded community organizations, they act as a hub for responsible pet ownership education, community support programs, and public services.

Contact the Shelter: 

Phone: 403-320-4099






Animal Shelter Community Meeting Room Shelter Photos/Animal-Shelter Community Meeting Room.jpgAnimal Shelter Community Meeting RoomOur community meeting room boasts great lighting and a great view of the community garden.
Cat Adoption Area Shelter Photos/Cat Adoption Area.jpgCat Adoption AreaVisitors can say hello to all the cats in our care in newly enhanced cat kennelling area.
Cat Shelter Photos/Cat.jpgCatThis cat is posing for the camera while enjoying his new spacious cat kennel.
Dog Adoption Area Shelter Photos/Dog Adoption Area.jpgDog Adoption AreaOur enhanced dog kennels are more open, calming and less cage-like.
Kitchen and Food Prep Area Shelter Photos/Kitchen and Food Prep Area.jpgKitchen and Food Prep AreaThe food prep cupboards and countertops have hospital grade cabinetry and work surfaces to reduce the spread of bacteria and disease.
Main Lobby and Customer Service Area Shelter Photos/Main Lobby and Customer Service Area.jpgMain Lobby and Customer Service AreaThis main lobby is what visitors will see when they walk in the main doors of the Shelter.