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Animal Shelter

Please note, we hae made changes to our operations at the Animal Shelter due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Due to the fluid and ongoing COVID-19 virus situation, we are taking precautionary measures to limit the number of people coming and going at the animal shelter. 

Volunteer programs and general public access to the facility will be suspended for an initial period of two weeks from today.

To ensure lost pets may be returned home and adoptions are able to continue, individuals are asked to contact the shelter at 403-320-4099 ahead of time and arrange a time to pick up their pet or view and socialize with perspective dogs and cats they may be looking to adopt.

Have a stray dog or cat to bring in? Please contact the animal shelter prior to attending.  

 We believe this will limit the traffic through the shelter while allowing staff to stay on top of animal health care and sanitization procedures for the time being.

We would like to thank those who volunteer at the shelter for all their efforts and look forward to welcoming them back once normal operations resume. 


The Lethbridge Animal Shelter is a City of Lethbridge facility and is operated by SPD Animal Services. Services include adoptions, animal care and control, education and the enforcement of the dog bylaw.