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Yard Waste Sites


Where are the sites and what are the hours of operation?

​Bridge Drive West Recycling Station - at the top of Bridge Dr. W. hill, right before the junction of Bridge Dr. W. and University Drive (look for the big green flag!).

​Stafford Drive North Recycling Station - located at the junction of Stafford Drive North and Scenic Drive North

South Side Recycling Station - located on 28th Ave S between the Lethbridge Soccer Complex and Lethbridge Judo Club

Hours of Operation at all Y​ard Waste Sites sites: 

April 1 to November 30

Open seven days a week from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

What is accepted at the site?

  • branches (max. 8" in diameter
  • grass
  • leaves
  • garden trimmings (including weeds)
  • clean pumpkins (not painted)
  • Fallen fruit (removed from tree branches)

What is not accepted at the site?  

  • branches greater than 8 inches in diameter and/or longer than 6 feet
  • sod and dirt
  • lumber and fence posts
  • mixed loads
  • loose loads of leaves and grass
  • oversized bags larger than 30 gallons
  • loads containing garbage
  • dumped loads or hydraulic trailers
  • commercial vehicles
  • materials from eavestrough cleaning
  • roots balls and stumps

These materials/loads may go to the Waste & Recycling Centre. Check out the free Saturdays program for residents!

During peak hours, large loads may be directed to the Waste & Recycling Centre if there is limited capacity at Yard Waste Sites.

Will I have to debag?

You can avoid having to debag by using paper yard waste bags. The site cannot accept any type of plastic bag, or oversize bags larger than 30 gallons due to safety concerns. For retailers that stock paper yard waste bags , click here.

What will happen if my load is unacceptable?

When you bring an unacceptable load,  you may be redirected to the Waste & Recycling Centre.

Do I have other options to remove yard waste from my property?

1) Materials can be hauled to the Waste & Recycling Centre (formerly called Regional Landfill). Tipping fees may apply. Large branches, root balls, and sod are accepted at this site.

2)  Utility account holders are eligible for two Large Item Service collections (curbside pick-ups of large or bulky items per year at no charge). Anyone wishing to use this service for branches or other items must speak with a scheduler to arrange the details of the collection. 

What happens to my yard waste?

Grass, leaves and other yard waste is brought to the Waste & Recycling Centre to be composted and used in city parks and planting beds. Composting helps to extend the life of the landfill.  Composting also reduced the production of greenhouse gases in the landfill and allows the nutrients to return to the soil and be used for new plant growth.

Is there wood mulch available for residents?

Branches are recycled into wood fibre mulch that may be available to residents at the site, as supplies permit.  Wood mulch is also available and free for the taking at Peenaquim Park (this mulch pile is not stocked regularly and is dependant on supply).  To get to the park follow Stafford Drive North as far as possible until you see the sign for the park. At the bottom of the road, in the dog run parking lot, the wood pile with mulch will be visible.


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