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Business Licences

All businesses or individuals providing a good or service in the City of Lethbridge need to have a valid business licence, unless provincially or federally exempt, according to our Business Licence Bylaw.

Renew a business licence

Business Licenses are issued from January 1 to December 31 of the same year. You need to renew your business licence annually. You can renew your business licence online, by mail or in person at City Hall.


Apply for a business licence

To apply for a business licence, you need to:

  1. Visit Regulatory Service at City Hall to get a Business License Application Form. Please bring all supporting documents
  2. Visit Development Services at City Hall to verify that your business location is approved under the Land Use Bylaw if your business is operating out of a commercial location or a residence
  3. Obtain any other permits, certificates or licences you may need for your business
  4. Submit your completed Business Application Form and any other required documents to Regulatory Services or Development Services for review
  5. Once you receive approval you can begin operating your new business

The time required to process a Business License Application depends on the approvals required for your business. We are usually able to issue a license within seven to 10 business days, but it may take longer.

Licensing fees

The cost to license your business will vary depending on the type of business you run and whether you are a Lethbridge resident or not. View the most common licensing fees for businesses in Lethbridge. For a full description of licensing fees, please view the Business License Bylaw.

  • General licence fees: $193 per year for Lethbridge residents and $774 per year for non-residents
  • Hawker, Pedlar and Huckster licence fees: $72 per year for Lethbridge residents and $222 per year for non-residents
  • Home occupation licence fees: $193 per year for music teachers or if the home occupation or workshop doesn’t have customer visits; $288 per year if the home occupation or workshop includes customer visits
  • Market licence fees: $111 for Lethbridge resident organizers and $576 per year for non-resident organizers

Moving a business

If your business is moving, please call 311 or visit Development Services desk in City Hall to find out if you need a development approval for the new location.

Transferring or closing a business

A business licence can be transferred to another person as long as they meet the necessary qualifications of the license. If you are planning to transfer your business to someone else or close your business, please contact Regulatory Services at 403-320-3074.

Purposes of business licensing

Business licences ensure that the City:

  • Can enforce building codes, zoning and other restrictions when combined with the development approval process
  • Can regulate the local taxi industry
  • Can track its economic development and have a registry that businesses can use as a resource for business planning
  • Can work with the provincial government to track and regulate fly by night operators that pose a risk to residents
  • Provides a fair environment for all businesses



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