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Legacy Park Overview

​Current Status​Active

Initial Park Development: ​2015-2018

Additional Amenities: 2018-2020

​Location400 Blackwolf Blvd N - North of Uplands


The City of Lethbridge is ready to begin the next round of construction at Legacy Park. Below are updates regarding different aspects included in the continuing development. While the park remains open to the public during construction,  patrons are asked to be aware of construction activities and comply with posted warnings and fenced off areas.

Project Updates

Updated: December 10, 2021

Spray park and Discovery Playground will be completed in 2022. 

October 1, 2021

Spray Park

Spray Park and Plaza construction are nearing completion. Concrete work is currently underway and final grading will begin afterwards. Spray toys and site furniture will be installed throughout October and November. The Spray Park will be ready for use in 2022.

Discovery Playground

The zip line, bridge, log jam, net climbers and hammocks are installed and the rubber surfacing is complete. The contractor is currently working on irrigation and planting beds. The main tower is scheduled to be installed in November. 

July 21, 2020


The community pavilion and bookable picnic area along Blackwolf Blvd is currently under construction and is anticipated to be complete in the fall of 2020. For information regarding funding and facilities in the pavilion building, click here.

Spray Park

Construction of the concrete plaza connecting the spray park to the pavilion area is also underway and will be complete with the pavilion later this year. The spray park itself is estimated to be complete late this year, and is anticipated to be fully functional for the 2022 summer season.

Discovery Playground

The large playground to be installed east of the pavilion is in the final stages of design and will be tendered for later this summer. Construction and completion will take place in 2021.


September 23, 2019

Spray Park Construction:

Construction is set to begin on the base components and foundations of the Legacy Park Spray Park this week. Crews will be utilizing the new section of the expanded north parking lot and access road to facilitate construction vehicles and equipment. Construction is expected to last approximately 4-6 weeks, weather permitting.  

August 13, 2019

Discovery Playground Public Engagement:

Parents and kids are invited to Legacy Park to take part in activities that will help shape the design of the new playground in the park! Children of all ages are encouraged to share their ideas and show off their creative skills by building the play tower of their dreams or working with one of the consulting artists to sketch pieces of the playground.  Families can enter to win a set of 4 tickets to Paw Patrol coming to the ENMAX Centre in February. For families with older children, there will also be a separate draw for a $50 Sport Chek gift card!

Date: August 15, 2019
Location: Legacy Park (look for tents and balloons near basketball courts)
Time: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Click here to view images of the Legacy Park Discovery Playground Concepts.  

July 5, 2019

Park Irrigation Update:

A system failure has shut down all irrigation in Legacy Park, leaving the grass looking browner than normal. The parks department is working on a solution including temporary irrigation to water the grass while the main irrigation system is being repaired. Although appearing dead, the grass is only dormant and will revive once irrigation resumes. Full grass establishment takes a minimum of two years under ideal conditions. Areas that are not established will be re-seeded once irrigation is available.

The public's patience is much appreciated, we understand the frustration of this set back. Construction is still occurring in various parts of the park and park visitors are asked to respect and avoid those areas.  

General Park Updates

Parking lot expansion is complete but will remain closed to public use until the internal roadway is complete.

Pickleball court modifications are complete.


May 21, 2019

General Park Update:

Parking lot expansion and internal roadway are currently under construction. Please be aware that there is machinery in the park and some pathways and amenities may be temporarily closed due to access. This construction should be complete by July.

Modifications to the pickleball courts are nearly complete.

Construction of the waterfall in the north-west corner of the park is complete and the Horticultural Society will be working in the park throughout the summer to install plantings in this ornamental garden.

Design of the Legacy Park Spray Park is complete. See layout below or click here for a larger image.    


February 14, 2019  

Parking Lot Expansion and Internal Roadway

The parking lot on the north side of the park will be expanded to the west of the existing lot. Also included in this portion of Phase 2 is the construction of an internal roadway that connects the west parking lot to the north lots. Design is complete and the construction contract has been awarded. Construction will begin in Spring 2019, with completion scheduled for Summer 2019.

Group Picnic Shelter

The group picnic area has been designed and will be constructed in 2019/2020 in conjunction with the Pavilion. This will be a fenced, bookable space similar to the Elks Compound or Rotary Picnic Area.

Spray Park and Plaza

The spray park and plaza is currently in design. This park amenity space will be located south of the north parking lot and west of the Pavilion. Spray park design was a joint effort between the City, supplier and a community advisory committee. Construction is scheduled for 2019, with completion in 2020.

Pavilion and Entry Plaza

The Legacy Park Community Pavilion will be a community space containing meeting areas and public washrooms, change rooms for the spray park and concession. The entry plaza design is complete, and construction is scheduled for Summer 2019 to Fall 2020.

Discovery Playground

The discovery playground is currently in the design phase. Design is scheduled to be complete in 2019, with construction in 2020. The playground will be located south of the existing north parking lot and east of the pavilion.










3D Concept of Group Picnic Shelter (left) and Community Pavilion building (right) 



Phase 1 Construction Video and Sneak Peeks

Park History &Construction Updates  
Accordion Answer

August 2, 2018 – Legacy Park is OPEN! Some construction remains on the site but the park is open to the public. Remaining work is primarily located in the northeast corner of the park, near the skate park and sports courts. Some of the outstanding items include irrigation, seeding, lights around the skate park and general park cleanup.

Although the park is open and residents are enjoying all it has to offer, park users are asked to be aware and respectful of the workers who are putting the finishing touches on this site. Safety is still our top priority.

Design for Phase 2 of Legacy Park is underway. Future features include a community pavilion, spray park, and adventure playground. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2019.

July 4, 2018 - The park will be open to the public in just a few short weeks. Work continues on the remaining irrigation, grading, seeding, and finishing touches around the park.  Work of this nature is heavily dependent on good weather and even small quantities of rain can postpone work until the site dries out.

In the meantime, residents are asked to visit other parks in the area to allow crews to finish construction safely.

May 11, 2018 - Work on the remaining irrigation, deficiencies and final touches on major infrastructure began for the 2018 season shortly after the snow melted in April. The public is reminded to stay out of the park while construction fences remain in place, the park is projected to be open to the public in July 2018.  

November 2, 2017 - Work at Legacy Park has neared completion for the 2017 construction season. This year, the major amenities including irrigation, buildings, playgrounds, pathways and sports courts are nearly complete, with final touches and deficiencies to be addressed and complete in spring of 2018. The park is approximately 85% seeded. Video and photos posted below are from the 2017 construction season. 


April 18, 2016 - The installation of the deep utilities in BlackWolf Boulevard has restarted for the season and is anticipated for completion in later spring or early summer. The contractor has completed the installation of the underground infrastructure to service the park and have begun work on the parking lots.​

June 20, 2016 - The installation of the deep utilities in Blackwolf Boulevard is now complete and work has begun on getting the surface finished. The installation of the underground infrastructure to service the park is complete and the parking lot paving is nearing completion. The landscaping Request for Quotation has closed and is currently under review and will be awarded shortly.

July 21, 2016 - Work is complete on the installation of the underground infrastructure and parking lots. The landscaping contract has been awarded and work will be starting shortly. Newline Skateparks has be hired to complete the design and construction of the skate park component of this project. Newline will engage the local skateboarding community while preparing the design for this year and complete construction in 2017.

September 15, 2016 - Work on the landscaping for the park has been underway now for the last few weeks. In the coming weeks, installation of the irrigation main line and electrical distribution in the park will begin.​



February 17, 2015 - The future regional park in North Lethbridge has been officially named Legacy Park.

April 28, 2015 - Site grading will be starting in BlackWolf 2 including Legacy Park. This includes topsoil stripping, earthmoving, stockpiling and placement.

Click here to view the letter sent to residents about site grading.

Click here to view a map of the area that will be graded.

June 16, 2015 - The rough grading for the park and the first stages of BlackWolf 2 is underway and should be completed in July followed by the installation of the deep utilities in Blackwolf Boulevard. Detailed design for the park is ongoing.

August 19, 2015 - The rough grading for the park and the first stages of BlackWolf 2 is substantially complete with a few minor items to finish. The installation of the deep utilities in Blackwolf Boulevard is tentatively scheduled for September. Detailed design for the park is ongoing.       

June 16, 2014 - Help us name your new regional park. What do you love about parks, recreation and open spaces in Lethbridge? Do parks remind you of people, places, things or animals from the area? When you think about our parks, what parts of them make you smile? When you spend a great day outside, how do you feel? 

Submit your ideas online between June 16th and July 31st, 2014.

September 9, 2014 - The City of Lethbridge received over 130 great ideas for the new park name from the public. The package of names is being evaluated by the Community Advisory Committee for alignment with the criteria and the 3 highest ranked names will be submitted to City Council and they will decide on the name for the park.

December 9, 2014 - The names have been evaluated by the Community Advisory Committee and the highest ranked names are scheduled to go to Council for a decision in January.


March 6, 2013 - Hardieville-Legacy Ridge-Upla​nds Proposed Area Structure Plan Amendment Information Session is held to inform residents about the potential changes to the plan. The Public Hearing will be held on Monday, March 20th in Council Chambers.

July 12, 2013 - Lethbridge residents are invited to attend a Public Open House to find out more about the North Lethbridge Regional Park project and provide feedback on the recommended concept plan. The recommended concept builds on ideas and feedback provided by residents during the Needs Assessment and Concept Plan process.  
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
City Hall Foyer

May 14, 2012 - ISL Engineering and Land Services, a Lethbridge firm, was selected to produce detailed design drawings and tender documents for the new 22-hectare park on land immediately north of Uplands, east of 13 Street North. The firm’s proposal was the highest evaluated among eight proposals received for the design project.

 October 30, 2012 - Residents were invited to attend a Public Open House to find out more about the North Lethbridge Regional Park Project and to provide feedback  on the draft concept.

Click here to view the draft concept.




The public has had the opportunity to share their ideas and be involved in the creation of ‘a park of the people, by the people, for the people’ during the needs assessment and site recommendation phase. The design and construction of the park will use those ideas to create a park for people to play, relax and connect with their community.


This park could include feature such as playgrounds, walking trails, picnic areas and a performance area. The design team will work with the public to determine which features to include in a space that will create a great park where people can have great experiences.


Over the next two years the North Lethbridge Regional Park design will evolve the list of ‘preferred recreational possibilities’ developed during the Needs Assessment Study into a Concept Plan that supports the community's vision. The concept plan will provide the framework for detailed design and then form the basis for a comprehensive set of contract documents with design ideas that fit within the City’s Capital Improvement Plan.   



City of Lethbridge - Pay As You Go

​Reserve - Community Reserve
​Subdivision Surplus​$5,400,000
​Grant - Municipal Sustainability Initiative
​ICIP COVID-19 Resilience Grant - Discovery Playground funding
Total​ $22,660,000

For Public Inquiries:

Call 311 |  Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.