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Trails and Pathways

Trail and pathway maps

If you're looking to plan a route or want to view our pathway network, use our trails and pathways map. Click on sections of pathways to see the length of that segment and the path material.

View a printable version of the Lethbridge Pathways Map.

View a printable version of the Approved River Valley Trail Network.

Safety and Courtesy on the Trails

Please share the trails with all recreational users. By following some simple guidelines, you can ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.

Pathways are used by cyclists and pedestrians. Please always stay to the right of the centre of the pathway and only use half the width of one pathway. 

Cyclists should have:

  • A horn or bell to alert pedestrians that you are behind them
  • Headlamp, red tail lamp and rear reflector for nighttime cycling
  • Helmet (if under 18 years of age, although this is a good idea for all ages)

Ride Responsibly

      • Ride slowly down hills, under bridges and overpasses
      • Use caution on sharp turns and busy trails
      • Ride in a predictable fashion
      • Ride single file except when passing
      • Yield the right of way to other users when entering

Travel at a safe, controlled speed

      • The pathway speed limit is 20 km/hr unless otherwise posted
      • Faster cyclists are encouraged to use alternate routes 

Use a pack or rack

  • Use a small backpack or bicycle pannier to transport items
  • Secure your load and keep your hands free

Use hand signals

  • Signal all turns and stops

Warn others when passing

  • When approaching from behind, shout a “hello” or “passing on your left”
  • Alert, don’t alarm
  • Sound your horn or bell early and pass safely
  • Try to avoid passing on the right

Please wear a helmet

  • Head injuries cause 80 per cent of all cycling deaths
  • Helmets prevent up to 85 per cent of serious head injuries


Community Gifting Program

The Program was developed as a possible means to enhance the opportunity for community giving. Through this program, individuals and organizations are able to place a park bench with a plaque in a City of Lethbridge green space.


The most popular item within the Gifting Program is a park bench which is purchased for a specified location and memorialized with a custom plaque.

  • All donations to the Gifting Program are tax deductible
  • City green space for bench placement is limited and is subject to approval
  • Contact our offices directly to arrange a consultation with our dedicated staff

Sheila Enevold

(403) 320-3919


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