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Winter Warrior Edition

Mighty Neighbours

Mighty Neighbors: Winter Edition is an initiative aimed at recognizing and celebrating the unsung heroes who make our neighbourhoods warm, welcoming, and winter-ready. The campaign invites residents to nominate neighbours who help others shovel snow, keep an eye on the gutters (storm drains) on their street, or make sure their pet waste is cleaned up, even in the snow.

Learn all about our inspiring heroes and nominate your own Mighty Neighbour. At the end of each winter month, one nominee will be drawn to receive a certificate, a small gift of appreciation, and we will share the story to inspire others. 

Winter nominations are now closed. Thank you for sharing your mighty stories! 

Snow-hero Steve’s top shoveling tips:

  • Don’t shovel or blow snow back onto the road – it only makes conditions worse for drivers and plows may not be back to clear it.
  • If you live on a snow route, clear plowed snow.
  • Be a mighty neighbor – help out with snow clearing where you can.

Penny’s poop scooping tips:

  • Just because it disappears in the snow, doesn’t mean it’s not there – don’t leave pet waste around your neighbourhood for someone else to uncover.
  • Pick up in backyards often to keep it smelling fresh when it warms up, and so bacteria isn’t tracked indoors.
  • Be a mighty neighbor – pick up after your pets, even in winter. 

Gutter-buddy Gavin’s storm drain tips:

  • Use gloves, a shovel, and bring along a bag for garbage - or find out more about the City's stormdrain volunteer programs
  • If you can’t clear a drain yourself, let us know about the problem by contacting 311 or report it online
  • Be a mighty neighbor – if you see a drainage problem, be part of the solution.

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