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Annual road milling and repaving

Construction season is about to kick into high gear as the City’s Transportation Operations department starts on the annual road maintenance work on Monday, June 3.

As many residents and motorists will know, each year the City works to lay new paving to improve the road conditions around the city. To complete this work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while minimizing disruption to the community, it is done in a phased approach.

The annual road maintenance program is broken into three steps. 

  1. Step one is concrete repairs (if necessary). Crews will work to complete concrete repairs alongside the roadway.     
  2. Step two is road milling, removing the existing asphalt in need of repair and preparing it for new asphalt.
  3. Step three is paving, applying new asphalt to create a smooth driving surface for residents and motorists.

Phase 1

  • Great Lakes Road South from Great Lakes Place South to South Parkside Drive.
  •  Lakeway Boulevard South from Great Lakes Place South to 31A Street South.
  • Lakeway Boulevard South from Lakeview Drive South to 14 Avenue South.
  • 10 Avenue South from 11 Street South to 12A Street South.
  •  9 Avenue South from 3 Street South to 4 Street South. 

  • 22 Street North from 12 Avenue North or 13 Avenue North.
  • Bluefox Boulevard North from Beaverbook Road North to Bluefox Road North.
  • 28 Street North (northbound lanes) from 26 Avenue North ramp to 30 Avenue North (end of divided road).
  • 26 Avenue North (westbound lanes) from the Walmart entrance to 28 Street North.
  • 26 Avenue North (westbound lanes) from 28 Street North to Kodiak Boulevard North.

  • Laval Place West from Laval Boulevard West to the Cul De Sac.
  • University Drive West (northbound lane) from McGill Boulevard West to Aperture Drive West ramp.
  • University Drive West (northbound lanes) from Aperture Drive West to Valley Road.
  • Notre Dame Place West from Notre Dame Road West to the Cul De Sac.
  • Notre Dame Road West from Lafayette Boulevard West to Modesto Road West.
  • Red Crow Boulevard West from Jerry Potts Boulevard West to Iroquois Cresent West.
  • Red Crow Boulevard West from Dakota Road West to Mohawk Road West.

Phase one is expected to be completed by mid-July, providing weather and equipment are cooperative. Crews will start phase two of the annual program following the completion of phase one. 


Phase 2

  • 5 Avenue South from 15 Street South to 16 Street South.
  • 17 Avenue South from 17 Street South to 18 Street South.
  • 24 Avenue South (westbound lanes) from 43 Street South ramp to 24 Avenue South.
  • 20 Avenue South from Mayor Magrath Drive South to Lakeside Road South.

  • Scenic Drive North from Peenaquim View North to Scenic Drive North.
  • 24 Street North from 3 Avenue North to 5 Avenue North.
  • Oriole Road North from Meadowlarke Boulevard North to Eagle Road North.
  • 12 Avenue North from 33 Street North to 36 Street North.
  • 2 Avenue North from 10 Street North to 12 Street North.

  • Columbia Boulevard West from Pensecola Court West to McMaster Boulevard West.
  • Westside Drive West from 2 Avenue West to the turnpike.
  • Mt. Crandell Crescent West from Castle Mountain Road West to Mt. Crandell Crescent Cul De Sac.
  • Mt. Crandell Crescent West from Mt. Blakiston West to Mt. Crandell Crescent Cul De Sac.
  • Coachwood Road West from Sherwood Boulevard West to Edgewood Boulevard West.
  • Coachwood Point West from Ridgewood Boulevard West to Edgewood Boulevard West.
  • Sherwood Place West from Sherwood Boulevard West to the Cul De Sac.
  • Jerry Potts Boulevard West from Red Crow Boulevard West to Chilcotin Road West.
  • Ojibwa Road West along Red Crow Boulevard West.

The timing of any lane reductions and road closures has also been planned to limit the impact on traffic, but minor delays are still expected in work areas. 

Motorists, especially motorcyclists, are urged to drive with caution as road surfaces will be uneven following milling. Motorists are thanked for following detours, posted signage and slowing down in construction areas helps to keep both motorists and staff and contractors safe.

The project is available on the City’s WebMap for further information. The WebMap is a dynamic online platform designed to enhance accessibility and streamline information for residents. The map provides residents with accurate and up-to-date information on road closures, facility closures and city projects and initiatives.  

For Public Inquiries:
Call or Chat with 311 I Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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