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Building a greener future with waste diversion measures

When it comes to laying the foundation for a greener future for our community, one local company has been leading the way as environmental leaders in their industry, brick by brick.

Ward Bros. Construction Ltd. has been working to implement waste diversion measures as part of its corporate social responsibility and as part of the City’s Waste Bylaw mandatory requirements.

“We wanted to know the kind of waste we generate, how much we generate and dispose of our waste in an environmentally responsible way,” says Danielle Moe, Health and Safety Coordinator, Ward Bros. Construction Ltd. “Some of the ways we’ve implemented waste diversion measures are incorporated in our site safety protocols, site orientation training for contractors and in the design of our newly renovated office.”

In 2022, Ward Bros. renovated their office space and Project Designer, Christine Knitel, included the design to accommodate the separation of general waste, organics and recycling for staff. After working with a hauler to dispose of the waste generated, Moe used the City’s free online tools and resources to meet signage and reporting requirements. 

“I found the whole online reporting process really quick and easy,” says Moe. “The information we received and the steps to submit our waste report was super easy and straightforward. It is just a couple of questions and it took less than five minutes to complete.”

While the local company has been striving to become an industry leader in sustainable practices for several years, Moe says doing the right thing for the environment and our community’s future is ultimately what matters.

“We are a community builder, we live and work here too,” says Moe. “Knowing we’re doing what we can to contribute to a greener future for our city just feels good. It’s a benefit for our company culture, it’s a benefit to the health and safety of our staff and it’s the right thing to do.”

Lethbridge is home to more than 2,900 businesses, institutions and private organizations. Whether large, small, family-owned, part of a national corporation, for-profit, or a charitable organization, all businesses fall under the Mandatory Recycling and Mandatory Organics provisions within the City of Lethbridge’s Waste Bylaw 6146. Home-based businesses are exempt from the mandatory requirements as they follow the residential waste, organics and recycling program. The bylaw requires businesses to complete an annual waste report which is due on January 31, 2024 and takes less than five minutes to complete.

For more information on Mandatory Recycling and Mandatory Organics for businesses, and to submit the annual waste report, visit

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