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City Council approves Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan

City Council took proactive steps to mitigate the costs and risks associated with extreme weather for the community for years to come today.

Voting to approve the Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan, Mayor, Blaine Hyggen said this is the best way forward to ensure the City is prepared for future generations.  

“The strategy and plan identify ways we can better weatherproof our City assets and services when an extreme weather event comes our way,” said Hyggen. “The community provided excellent feedback to help us understand what their values and needs are which are reflected in the strategy and action plan we approved today.”

Administration worked with external consultants to develop the Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan (CASAP). This guiding document provides direction for continued planning of extreme weather and climate change to best position the community to be resilient when facing the challenges posed by extreme weather.

Mandi Parker, General Manager of Waste & Environment says there are a few key ways the strategy and plan help the community to be resilient.

“The strategy and plan identify challenges around water management, emergency preparedness, extreme weather and changing climate conditions,” says Parker. “It also evaluates potential risks across the social, natural and built economic systems. This helps us to really understand the impact to the community, particularly the vulnerable members of the community.”

The plan outlines and prioritizes actions the City and the community can take to help mitigate the risks, with a focus on the next ten years (2024-2034).

The project was funded in part by the Government of Alberta, through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program. The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is a partner of Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities and the Government of Alberta.

The community can read and learn more about the Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan here.

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