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City engagement, website, 311 all see big numbers in 2022

Lethbridge residents reached out to the City of Lethbridge in high volumes across many different platforms throughout the past year.

Customer service staff at 311 logged more than 125,000 cases in 2022, the City's engagement website Get Involved Lethbridge had more than 42,400 visits and the City of Lethbridge website had more than 2.1 million page views.

"We are pleased with the volume 311 has received and with how our customer service specialists continue to help our residents with their questions and concerns," says Travis Hillier, General Manager of Customer Service & 311. "Adding the online chat service this year has also been another useful tool and method for people to reach us."

"Coming out of a couple of years of COVID restrictions, we were excited to see our engagement numbers trending upwards in 2022," says Tara Grindle, Manager of Communications & Engagement. "Engaged residents help inform changes that will improve our city and create a strong and connected community. These numbers are also useful metrics as we continue to strategize the best ways to engage with our community."

Some highlights from 311:

  • More than 77,000 Information Requests
  • Nearly 25,000 Service Requests with top three being Waste & Recycling, Water & Sewer and Parks & Trees
  • Utility Billing had more than 30,000 cases in 2022, followed by Transit at more than 10,000 and Waste & Recycling at nearly 8,000
  • Large Item Collection was the largest single service request with more than 2,600 requests submitted
  • June was the busiest month with almost 16,000 interactions logged
  • Chat made up 4.1 per cent of interactions since its launch in October

Some highlights from the City of Lethbridge website:

  • Nearly 600,000 users
  • 1:31 average time spent per visit
  • Top pages included Careers, Transit, Waste & Recycling, City Government, Pools and Online Payments

The City is looking forward to launching a new and improved City website and customer portal in 2023.

Some highlights from the City's official social media pages:

  • YouTube had 42,917 video views and 8,967 total watch hours
  • Facebook reached 466,055 people, had 78,245 page visits, added 1,093 new followers to the 20,820 total followers, reached 227,450 people via ads and had 2,842,692 impressions on ads
  • Instagram reached 156,714 people, had 12,530 page visits and added 1,412 new followers of the 13,000 total followers
  • Twitter had 1,247 Tweets, 2,326,000 impressions, 308,904 page visits and added 362 new followers of the 22,100 total followers
  • LinkedIn had 7,567 page visits, 202,014 impressions, 12,530 page visits and added 1,029 new followers of 4,041 total followers

Some highlights for Get Involved for January 1 to December 15, 2022:

  • 29,400 'Aware' visitors (visited at least one page)
  • 15,900 'Informed' visitors (Taken the step from being aware and clicked on something)
  • 10,100 'Engaged' visitors (Every visitor that contributes to a tool is considered to be 'engaged')
  • 1,300 new registrations

These numbers are up significantly from last year. The same time period in 2021 saw 16,800 total visitors, 12,100 'Aware' visitors, 4,900 'Informed' visitors, 2,300 'Engaged' visitors and 83 new registrations.

The top 2022 surveys included Additional Dog Parks Engagement with 2,106 responses, the community-wide Cart Relocation Engagement, which had 1,701 responses, the #myYQL Lethbridge Airport survey had 1,656 responses and the Waste Management Master Plan had 1,149 responses. The Operating Budget survey, hosted on Ethello's platform, had 1,453 responses.

From all the staff at the City of Lethbridge, thank you for reaching out to provide feedback and help make our community a better place. We look forward to another great year in 2023!

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