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Coulee Compost

Category A Soil Supplement

Coulee Compost

Produced from food waste, yard waste, leaves and branches

Lot Number 23.4
Nitrogen 2.1%
Phosphorous 0.61%
Potassium 0.99%
pH 7.7
C:N Ratio 9:1
Total Organic Matter 44.37%
Moisture 30.61%

Do not plant directly into compost. Compost should be blended with soil, and or non-compost amendment such as peat moss. City of Lethbridge Coulee Compost is a Category “A” product, produced under quality control methods meeting Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) standards and guidelines 

Enriches Soil - this is a nutrient rich organic material that improves soil structure, texture, and fertility.

Increases Water Holding Capacity - Compost amended soil has better water retention properties, reducing the need for irrigation. It helps to create a porous soil structure allowing water to penetrate deeply and be stored in the root zone. 

Potted Plants: Mix one part compost with 3-4 parts potting soil to aid in plant rooting

Gardens: Till the soil to a depth of 8-10 inches, apply a 4 inch layer of compost and mix thoroughly

Lawns: For established lawns, apply a ¼ to ½ inch layer of compost once a year and water well. For new lawns, till 4 inches of compost into 8 inches of soil

Trees and Shrubs: Lay 1 inch of compost around trees 1 foot away from the trunk past the drip line. Use a 2 inch layer for shrubs. Apply once a year

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