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Council Highlights October 17, 2023

Video and minutes

  • Lethbridge City Council voted unanimously in favour of an Official Business Motion from Mayor Blaine Hyggen and Acting Mayor John Middleton-Hope to direct Administration to engage with Downtown BRZ representatives immediately to collaborate on the development of a structure, stakeholder composition and resourcing requirement (if any) for a cross-functional task force on lawlessness. Joint recommendations from the Downtown BRZ and Administration will be presented for Council consideration at the December 12 Council meeting. Read more in the October Mayor’s Column
  • Council voted to accept as information the October Encampment Strategy Update from Andrew Malcolm, General Manager of Community Social Development. Read the full news release here
  • With the Consent Agenda approval, Council voted to confirm the coming changes to Snow and Ice control. More information is available here
  • Council unanimously passed both second and third readings to Bylaw 6407, to amend Bylaw 6296, the Clean Energy Improvement Tax Bylaw, to remove the annual cap amounts, allowing for an expedited service delivery of the Clean Energy Improvement Program, and therefore more homeowners timely access to funding. Further information is available on next steps for availability will be shared soon

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