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Grazing Glory: the weed-eating goats have returned!

For the past six summers, goats have controlled invasive weeds in select areas of Lethbridge’s river valley. Since the introduction of the program, more than 750 hectares of noxious plants have been grazed.

The goats are brought in twice per summer. This year, they will move between Alexander Wilderness Park, Indian Battle Park, Botterill Bottom Park and Pavan Park. They spend their days eating weedy invaders like leafy spurge, wormwood and thistle.

Goats are ideal to control weeds and manage vegetation in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. They are nimble and can navigate the terrain of the river valley’s steep slopes.

A herder oversees the goats. He works with trained herder dogs to move and protect the goats from predators. Residents are asked to keep their dogs out of the grazing areas, and to not pet the herding dogs or goats while they are working.

For Public Inquiries:
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