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How sweet it is; Waste & Recycling Centre a hive of activity

The Waste and Recycling Centre proves to be an ideal location for the bees, boasting a spacious grassed area conducive to the collection of pollen and nectar. The City is actively enhancing this environment through a landscaping initiative, incorporating plants, grasses, and trees that benefit the bee population.

With a full-time beekeeper and additional support staff, ECCO Recycling manages hives in various locations, including Aldersyde, Balzac, Dalemead, Mazeppa, Calgary (Quarry Park), and Lethbridge.

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, ECCO Recycling has undertaken the responsibility of managing bees at the City's Waste and Recycling Centre for a minimum of five years. The Lethbridge bees have proven to be highly productive and are thriving in their unique environment at the Waste and Recycling Centre.

The average honey production per bee colony in Alberta is approximately 58kg per year. ECCO Recycling possesses the necessary equipment for honey extraction, processing, and bottling, with the final product typically donated. In Lethbridge, ECCO will retain half of the honey, while the other half is designated for distribution by the City. This year the City’s share of honey came out to more than 300 small jars and 24 large jars, just under 200 kgs of honey in total.

The Waste & Environment team donated cases of our Blue Sky Honey to the Interfaith Food Bank and Lethbridge Food Bank to stock their pantries or to pass along to community members.

“This previous season proved to be a good year for honey production from the hives at the Waste and Recycling Centre," says Steve Rozee, Processing Manager, Waste & Environment. "We are pleased to be able to work with partner organizations like the Interfaith and Lethbridge Food Banks to distribute this sweet surprise around our community.”

With the season now over, the bees have begun their winter routine. The boxes have been sealed up as they await the arrival of next spring for their new harvest to start. Check out our sweet video and watch as we jar the 2023 season's honey.


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