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Lake Ice and Outdoor Skating

Ice conditions are accurate as of:

Designated Skating areas

Lethbridge has four designated skating areas. Ice conditions are checked at least once a week. Ice surfaces will be closed if conditions are unsafe for users. Ice conditions can change depending on temperature, precipitation, wind and the amount of sunshine. With Lethbridge's varying winter temperatures, it is important to stay safe and informed. 



Nicholas Sheran Lake CLOSED
Henderson Lake CLOSED
Legacy Pond (Northwest Pond) CLOSED
Legacy Pond (East Pond) CLOSED

Storm Ponds

It is dangerous to walk, play or skate on any ice surface that has areas of open water. Water entering storm ponds can cause unstable and unpredictable ice conditions. Although the storm pond may look frozen, the ice may not be safe. Water levels can fluctuate, causing air pockets under the ice. For these reasons, storm pond water/ice contact is not allowed.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is not permitted in designated skating areas.

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