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Municipal Census

Lethbridge Census LogoThe City of Lethbridge Census starts on April 1, 2023.  Door hangers containing a PIN number will be delivered to your residence by a census taker starting April 1st.  This PIN number will allow you to enter in your census information online.
The City only asks three questions about addresses: the number of people, their sex, and their age.  It is quick, convenient, and confidential.
For those individuals who have not entered the information online, census takers will come to your door to collect the information.  Alternatively, you can send your address, number of people, their age, and their sex to
Municipal Contact Information:

Wendy Smith, City Clerk's Office
403 320 3030

Census Results 2019

​The City of Lethbridge continues to grow with the official 2019 census results at 101,482, an increase of 1.72% over the 2018 municipal census numbers.  The strongest growth continue to be in West Lethbridge with an additional 938 new residents.
Region ​2019 ​2018 ​Change in #'s (2019) ​Change in % (2019)
​North Lethbridge ​28,172 ​27,700 ​472 ​1.70%
​South Lethbridge ​32,412 ​32,109 ​303 ​0.94%
​West Lethbridge ​40,898 ​39,960 ​938 ​2.35%
​Totals ​101,482 ​99,769 ​1,713 ​1.72%

 The census asked the number of people living in the household, their age and sex. The full report can be viewed below:

2019 Census Results Report

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