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Renewing the Land Use Bylaw - What’s LUB got to do with it?

We are excited to announce the launch of the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) Renewal project. The LUB is a critical document that shapes the way we live, work and connect with others in our community. The LUB regulates the development of private land throughout the city and impacts how neighborhoods are developed.  

The LUB Renewal project is a unique initiative where the City is thoroughly examining and reevaluating the purpose and function of the Land Use Bylaw document for the first time in about 40 years. During this time, amendments have been undertaken to the Bylaw to address market demands and resident aspirations. However, since its creation almost 40 years ago it has not undergone a comprehensive renewal.

The LUB Renewal project will be a multi-year project and residents will have multiple opportunities to provide feedback as the project progresses.

The first phase of the project will look at the health and well-being of our community. We are asking residents to complete a survey and provide feedback on social uses such as emergency shelters, transitional housing, supportive housing, social services and partnering with other levels of Government.

“The LUB is really like the DNA of Lethbridge. It controls what uses and types of buildings can be built where, how tall buildings can be, parking requirements, home businesses, and more,” says Ross Kilgour, Co-Project Manager. “It has a huge effect on critical issues like housing affordability, economic development, and sustainability. It’s a tool to standardize our decision-making processes, and this project will determine what aspects of the use and development of land should be regulated and to what degree.” 

“Our Lethbridge City Council consistently hears from our residents about challenges with the existing Land Use Bylaw processes, so we are thrilled at the prospects with this renewal project,” says Mayor Blaine Hyggen. “A major intention for this project is for it to become more user-friendly and less restrictive for our residents to have a major community impact for the future. As public engagement and feedback will be essential to this project, I strongly encourage our residents to find out more and to become involved in this process.”

We want to build communities together and it is encouraged that all residents participate in engagement for this project. Subscribe to the Get Involved Lethbridge project page to stay informed on upcoming engagement opportunities and provide input on how you want your community to look in the future.

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