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River Valley Dragons

Lethbridge’s River Valley is home to a wide array of animals. Residents are never surprised to see deer, turtles or snakes. But there’s another type of serpent hiding in plain sight.

After seven seasons working as extras on Game of Thrones, dragon duo Inferna and Blaze Hotbreath now call the Lethbridge coulees home.

“We got a bit tired of the whole ‘Hollywood’ thing,” explains Inferna.

The majestic dragoness recounted their departure from King’s Landing.

“Look, everyone knows the Drogons and Viserions of the Game of Thrones world. That’s fine. They’re amazing dragons. But what about us? The ones putting in long hours, waiting for our shot at glory?”

A lack of camera time and adulation finally proved too much.

“I could have been happy eating from the craft table and rehearsing roars for a few more seasons,” admitted Blaze. “But a dragon needs to dragon, you know?”

Eager to spread their wings, the Hotbreaths soared for months. They settled on Lethbridge as their new nesting spot.

“The combination of prairie lands and mountains really appealed to us,” explained Inferna. “Plus, the nearby coyotes and cows make for easy meals.”

But the fire-breathing duo didn’t realize the cost of their relocation.

“We should have read the fine print on our contracts,” conceded Blaze. “But who would have anticipated such a random clause?!”

That clause? “All dragons who leave production must assume another form of nature 100 years.”

The couple chose to grow literal roots in the River Valley.

“Water and fire don’t exactly mix, so becoming part of the river wasn’t an option,” said Inferna. “We chose the next best option: trees!”

“We enjoy the irony of fire-breathing serpents becoming something so flammable,” chuckled Blaze.

The dragons expected to remain hidden amongst the trees, but they didn’t account for the keen eyes of two Lethbridge residents.

Sonja Marshall and Irene Logan are frequent visitors to the River Valley. During separate visits, each came across a peculiar sight.

“I’ve walked that route in Bull Trail Park dozens of times,” said Sonja, who discovered Inferna. “And I swear that fully-grown tree just magically appeared one day! I took quite a few photos. I didn’t realize what I was looking at until I reviewed them a few hours later.”

Irene discovered Blaze while enjoying the Nature Reserve.

“On first glance, I thought it was just a very different-looking tree,” said Irene. “But then I saw the legs, the long tail and the hidden face. He must be a magnificent dragon because he’s a pretty handsome tree!”

“I thought we did a pretty good job hiding ourselves,” said Blaze. “Apparently we aren’t as cunning as we thought!”

“At first we were worried about being discovered,” admitted Inferna. “But Lethbridge residents have been great. I wish I could smile for their photos, but it’s hard to move my mouth when it’s encased in wood.”

Never ones to shy away from a lens, the Hotbreaths encourage residents to search the river valley on this April Fools’ Day. If you happen to find them, snap a photo and share it on social media.

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