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Snow Routes Declared Active

The City of Lethbridge has declared snow routes to be active by 4 pm tomorrow, March 23, 2024.

Due to significant snow accumulation and forecast predictions, special measures are being taken to ensure our main roadways are in reasonable winter driving conditions. Residents of snow routes and other motorists may be impacted.

Here are the important details you need to know:

Snow Clearing Operations: Throughout Saturday night, plows and graders will be hard at work clearing snow routes. Due to the unusually significant snowfall events, combined with resource constraints, Transportation Operations is mobilizing extra resources to complete this task. Clearing snow routes in this manner is atypical but required to enable snow clearing resources to be deployed to other areas post-storm.

Windrows Alert: Residents along snow routes should expect windrows by Sunday morning. Community members are encouraged to help neighbours with shoveling, and to nominate their helpers as a “Mighty Neighbour”.

Vehicle Parking: To facilitate safe and swift operations, residents along snow routes are advised to move all vehicles from the snow route parking lanes.

  • Large equipment can damage snow vehicles while operating.
  • Equipment will plow windrows around vehicles left in parking lanes.
  • Vehicles can be parked on snow routes again when the City declares snow routes inactive.

Expect Delays: Community members should anticipate delays on the roadways. Exercise caution, especially around graders when driving; wait for clear passage or take a detour.

When you see snow, stay in the know:  Snow routes can become active any time during the season whenever snow creates unsafe driving conditions, as determined by City Transportation Operations.

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