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Summer Lovin', had me a blast

As the glorious summer weather starts to creep to the cooler side of the thermometer, many residents are getting back into the swing of school, work and routines. For City of Lethbridge operations staff though, it's been a busy summer of planting, mowing, paving, call taking, and waste disposal.

More than 90 seasonal summer staff were hired to help with the long list of public works projects around the city.

Those projects included several road and paving projects, general infrastructure maintenance, and parks and green space maintenance. Here's a look at the work that our City operations staff put in over the summer months:

Parks and Cemeteries

  • Planted more than 300 trees
  • Mowed 690 hectares of dryland
  • Mowed more than 9,000 hectares of irrigated turf
  • Inspected almost 5,500 trees for Dutch Elm Disease
  • Inspected more than 500 playgrounds
  • Pruned 445 trees
  • Removed graffiti at more than 150 locations
  • Planted more than 6,400 flowers around City Cemeteries

Waste & Recycling 

  • Transported more than 6,700 tonnes of residential waste
  • Collected almost 320,000 carts

Transportation Operations 

  • Laid more than 14,000 tonnes of asphalt around the city
  • Fixed 216 potholes
  • Swept more than 1,700 km of road
  • Answered more than 30,000 calls
  • Filled almost 23,000 information requests
  • Issued more than 7,000 service requests

Thank you to residents for their patience during the busy construction season and to City staff who were busy helping to repair and beautify our community.

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