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What is a tiny home?

What is a Tiny Home?

 ​​There is no universal definition for a tiny home.​ The Land Use Bylaw does not draw a distinction between home sizes and there is no special rules for tiny homes. A tiny home on a permanent foundation is considered a single detached dwelling. A tiny home on a chassis and placed on a temporary foundation with connections to utlity services is considered a manufactured home.


​​ ​​Can I put a tiny home permanently or semi-permanently in the back yard of an existing house?
In some cases, yes.​​ The home must be on a permanent or temporary foundation and properly connected to utility services. It must meet zoning and Alberta Building Code requirements.
What about a tiny home on wheels and not on a foundation or connected to services?
This is considered a Recreational Vehicle (RV). Recreational Vehicles are not suitable for long-term or permanent, year-round habitation.
Can I build a tiny home?
Yes. If you choose to build a tiny home it will need to be designed and built to meet the requirements of the current Alberta Building Code and all other related construction codes including plumbing, gas/propane and electrical. Permits and inspections will be required for a tiny home in the same way as any other home.


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