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Volunteer Youth Group needed for this year's Christmas Tree Collection program


The City of Lethbridge Waste Utility & Environment Department has, for the last 25+ years, offered the residents of Lethbridge a ‘Christmas Tree Recycling Program’. The Christmas Trees are picked up at each participating household and chipped into wood chips that are used in City parks. We would like to open up this fundraising opportunity to any interested youth groups in Lethbridge. In return for the delivery of the program, your youth group will receive $10,000 for the city-wide collection program.

What would I have to do?

The program provides for the collection of Christmas trees from all residences in the City of Lethbridge. Delivery of the program involves a one day blitz across the entire city to pick up all the Christmas trees that have been placed out. The trees are placed at the waste collection location, which is either in the alley or at the curb at the front of the property. 

The collection date is Saturday, January 13, 2024. This date will be advertised to the community in advance of the program. The entire city must be covered on that date. All trees are to be dropped off at the specified sites. To minimize driving distances, there will be multiple drop-off sites (at least one on each north, south, and west sides of the city).

The collection date for missed trees is the following Saturday, January 20, 2024. This collection is for a small number of trees (typically 30-40 trees). The City will collect the addresses of missed properties and will forward to the group prior to the date.

How will the group be chosen?

The selection process is as follows:

  1. Submit a description of your group’s interest to
    participate. You will need to include a summary of the resources that you have available to deliver the program (see below).
  2. City of Lethbridge staff will evaluate the suitability of each group to deliver the program and select a group based on their qualifications.
  3. City of Lethbridge will notify the groups.

In an effort to include various sizes of volunteer youth groups, we encourage smaller groups to organize themselves under one authority with a single submission. This single authority will serve as a point of contact with the City and will be responsible to disperse the honorarium among the other member groups.

Access to volunteers to collect trees. Given the large number of trees that residents historically and consistently leave out, we require that groups be able to provide at least 70 volunteers. Volunteers must be able to physically load and unload trees. Please indicate approximately how many volunteers you can commit to that day.

While most trees are collected on the first day, the make-up collection on the following week is equally important for those who missed out on the collection or had trees that weren’t picked up and would like a second chance to correct whatever issue prevented collection in the prior week. As such, we require an assurance that a group will be available for collection on the follow-up week as well as the main collection date. Please include in your submission that you acknowledge that your services are required on both Saturday, January 14 for the main collection and Saturday, January 20 to collect missing trees.

Access to equipment to pick up trees. In past years, 1800+ trees have been collected and access to flatbeds and/or trailers has been essential. In past years, 1800+ trees have been collected and access to flatbeds and/or trailers has been essential. We ask that groups be able to provide at least 40 vehicles. Please indicate the numbers and types of equipment (trailers, trucks, etc.) to be used.

Ability to follow the maps provided. This will assist you in routing and assigning resources. The maps will also show which areas have front collection and which have alley pick-up. The maps need to be followed to ensure all areas have been collected. Please list any prior volunteer experiences that demonstrates the group’s experience in following maps.

Ability to record information. The number of trees collected needs to be recorded on the record sheets provided.

Provide 3 examples of successful previous fundraising events, that are similar in scope. Take care to include descriptions on how you were organized for these events. Do you have a dedicated fundraising coordinator? Do you have experience organizing teams and delegating to team leads? Etc.

Interested groups should be aware that this program will be subject to all municipal, provincial and federal COVID related restrictions and mandatory requirements. As such, the program may be delayed or canceled at any time. We will do our best to notify the selected group as soon as possible of any changes.

If your youth group is interested in participating in this program this year (or for a future year), please submit by December 1, 2023. We will contact the group selected for the 2023–24 collection shortly after the submission deadline.

Submissions and/or questions should be emailed to:

Andrew Cameron
Communications & Outreach Technician
Waste Utility & Environment, City of Lethbridge

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